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Real Estate Business: Most Popular Articles

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How To Calculate a Property's Capitalization Rate
To calculate (cap rate for an income property that sold recently, you would divide the net operating income by the sold price to determine the capitalization rate.
How To Calculate a Commercial Lease
Commercial Lease Calculations - Tools for Commercial Lease Calculations
How To Calculate Net Operating Income for an...
Net operating income or NOI is the monetary result of subtracting operating expenses from Gross Operating Income. Gross operating income is that income after deductions for vacancy and credit loss for a rental real estate investment property.
How to Calculate the Gross Rent Multiplier in 5...
Gross Rent Multiplier or GRM is a tool used to assess the approximate value of a rental property by comparing its rental income with other like properties.
The Simple Way to Determine an Income...
If the net operating income of a property is known, and it is divided by the capitalization rate for similar properties, the approximate current value of the property will be determined.
Top 10 Successful Real Estate Agent Tips
Top 10 tips to become a successful real estate agent.
6 Tips for Future Real Estate Agents
If becoming a real estate agent is in your career plans, pick up some tips here about how to become a successful real estate agent, not just how to pass the test and get a license.
Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheets
All of those calculations that go into a thorough analysis of the financial viability of a real estate rental property can be a pain to learn.  Then you have to
Responsibilities of a Real Estate Property...
Real estate property management is an area of specialization that involves four basic areas of responsibility. Marketing/Financial, Tenant and Occupancy, Facility, and Administrative are those four areas. Get more detail here on these four areas of real estate property management responsibility.
10 Real Estate Financial Calculator Problems...
A spreadsheet real estate financial calculator solution. Set up to quickly calculate gross potential income, gross operating income, gross rent multiplier, net operating income, cash flow before taxes, cash flow after taxes, break-even ratio and return on equity.
Top 3 Major Types of Real Estate Property
Basic description of the major types of real property as marketed by real estate agents and brokers. Vacant land, residential, commercial, and multi-family are included.
A Rental Property Cash Flow Example
Many a wealthy person got that way with real estate. A smart buy on a rental property and good management delivers great ROI.
Get Your Buyer Into a Home with No Money Down -...
If you practice real estate in a rural area, take a look at the USDA program that can get your buyer into a home with no down payment, and sometimes even no money out of pocket.
Calculate a Property's Loan to Value Ration in...
When working with real estate clients, agents and brokers are frequently tasked to help buyers to determine what they can afford in a home. One of the factors is the size of the mortgage they can get. The loan to value ratio is the percentage of a property's value that is mortgaged. Lenders will make mortgages based on maximum loan to value for different types of properties.
Free Courses for Real Estate Professionals
Free online real estate courses for new and experienced agents, brokers and real estate investors. Real estate math, expenses, income, investing, risk management and much more.
What is ARV, After Repair Value in Real Estate...
Real estate investing frequently involves the purchase of a property in need of work, getting it repaired or remodeled and & selling it at a profit.
Insider's Guide to the Real Estate Business
Learn the ins and outs of real estate agent compensation. Fees, commissions, agent and broker splits, referral fees, 100% commission agents and more are explained here.
A Fast and Easy Real Estate CMA Spreadsheet
If you need to do a fast CMA and have three comparable properties, here's a CMA to make it easy and do the calculations for you.
Estate for Years Type of Leasehold Estate in...
An estate for years, or estate for term, is one type of leasehold estate in real estate. This type is a lease for a specific period, with a beginning and an ending date. No notice to vacate is required, as there is a definite date for the lease to end and the tenant to vacate.
Calculating Net Rental Yield
Many believe that consistently better returns on investment can be realized in rental property than can be gained in stocks or bonds investments.
The Triple Net Lease in Commercial Real Estate
The triple net lease in commercial real estate is used extensively in industrial and retail multi-tenant properties. In this type of lease the tenant pays certain expenses directly in addition to their rent.
An Addendum to a Real Estate Contract
An addendum should not be confused with an amendment. While an amendment modifies a previously accepted contract, an addendum is part of the original contract. It adds necessary information, requirements or explantory documents to the original contract or purchase agreement. Once an agreement is reached and the contract accepted, additional documents are not added as addendums.
Ways to Terminate Real Estate Easements
Easements generally pass along with ownership changes in real estate. However, there are ways to terminate a real estate easement. Generally, this is not an automatic event, but will require some legal action. Learn about release, merger, non-use, adverse possession, destruction and quiet title action.
Depreciating a Rental Property
One of the advantages of owning rental real estate is tax deductions that can offset income from operations of that property as well as others in some cases.
How To Calculate Gross Potential (GPI) Real...
Gross Potential Real Estate Income - This is an easy calculation of the expected gross revenues from an income property. For rentals, the monthly or annual rents for all the units is totaled. No losses for vacancy or non-payment are considered. In other words, the property is considered fully occupied with all payments collected.
The C.L.U.E. Report and it's Importance to...
C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Reports give the insurance claim and loss history for a residential property. Insurers regularly report property losses to a company that compiles the C.L.U.E. Report to a homeowner. Only the homeowner or a prospective insurer can order it.
How To Calculate Rental Vacancy and Credit Loss...
Rental vacancy and credit loss is the estimated dollar amount of lost rental income due to vacant units and non-payment of rent.
Is commercial real estate for you?
A common question is whether a person new to real estate should start out as a commercial real estate agent, or work another area of real estate.
Subagency refers to a relationship between the listing and the selling agents in a real estate transaction.
What Can an Un-licensed Real Estate Assistant Do?
Take care in assigning duties to an unlicensed real estate assistant, or if you are one, make sure you know what you are allowed to do according to your state's regulations. In most states, an un-licensed assistant cannot discuss property specifics, advise clients, or draft documents.
Be a Part Time Real Estate Agent First
Find out the pros and cons of starting your career as a part time real estate agent. See what it takes to make the part-time strategy successful.
What is The Bundle of Legal Rights of a Real...
The bundle of rights that the owner of real property has are those legal rights of ownership including, enjoyment, exclusion, disposition, possession and control.
Is a Career in Commercial Real Estate Agent...
Commercial real estate agents have unique work environments and income structures that may not be right for everybody. Additionally, those who want to become commercial real estate agents should consider the personal qualities and education levels that agents successful within the commercial real estate industry possess.
6 Reasons to Consider a Career in Real Estate
Real estate career benefits are many, and include the ability to be your own boss, set your working hours, and control your success.
6 Things All New Real Estate Agents Should Do
Beginning a new real estate agent career is exciting, but it is a business. Since it's a business, you need a new real estate agent business plan. What you do early on can make the difference between success and failure. Find out the most important first things to do. They involve education, marketing, budgeting, determining costs, prospecting, your sphere of influence and more.
Lease to Own for Real Estate Rental Property...
Using the lease-to-own strategy, a real estate investor can create monthly positive cash flow while locking up a home for future purchase. Learn how it works here.
How Real Estate Agents Manage Expenses
Successful business people know their costs as well as their projected income. To remain in your real estate business, you must cover your real estate agent expenses as well as personal costs.
Types of Real Estate Encumbrances
Learn the types of encumbrances on real estate properties, including liens, deed restrictions, easements, encroachments and licenses. Real estate encumbrances can adversely impact the sale of a property.
3 Types of Commercial Leases
Commercial leases for real estate are quite varied in types and terms. Learn about Gross, Triple Net and Modified Net leases here.
Methods of Compensating Real Estate Agents -...
Broker and agent commission split, 100% commission, referral fees, and other real estate agent compensation models explained.
Comparative Market Analysis in Real Estate
A comparative market analysis or CMA in real estate is normally done to determine the current market value of a property to list it for the seller, or to help a buyer to determine what they would like to offer for the purchase.
The Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Money in...
Many real estate investors, both new and very experienced, have made a lot of money using assignment contracts. Learn the basics here.
Is A Commercial Real Estate Career For You?
There is an allure to commercial real estate. Many a residential real estate agent has considered the switch. However, know what's required first, and try to plan for your success.
A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent
Far from just driving buyers around or placing for sale signs in yards, the daily routine of a real estate agent involves a great many interactions with title companies, other agents, brokers, attorneys, home inspectors, appraisers and more. Then there's the marketing and paperwork activity to top it off.
7-Step Guide to Launching a Real Estate Career
Getting your license soon, or a new real estate agent? Here's a detailed plan for start-up success. Learn what you have to do for income and expense budgeting, choosing a broker, new agent marketing and more.
4-Step Guide to Calculating the Break-Even Ratio
Lenders use the break-even ratio as one of their analysis methods when considering providing financing. Here's how to calculate it.
How to market real estate listings.
The Multiple Listing Service is by far the most prolific source of buyers for your listings. Here are some other ways to market a home listing.
Are You Cut Out for a Career in Real Estate?
Choosing a real estate career is a big step. Find out if you are suited to work independently and without a fixed salary.
Classes of Office Buildings
There are three main office building classes available on the market today. Which one your client chooses will depend on her business needs and financial abilities.
Understanding Contingency in Real Estate...
A contingency, or condition, is written into a real estate contract to specify an event that, if it happens, the contract would cease to exist. An example would be a purchase contingent upon the buyer obtaining a loan at a specified interest rate or lower. Should the buyer be unable to do this, the contract would end.
What Does a Special Warranty Deed Convey?
A special warranty deed provides less protection for real estate buyer than a general warranty deed. The grantor warrants that they have legal title, and have not encumbered the property during the time they've held title.
Why Fiduciary Duties are Like an OLD CAR
Real estate agency law says that a real estate agent who takes on the capacity of
Real Estate Agent's Guide to the Land to...
Appraisers will report and lenders will use the land to building ratio in many commercial and industrial valuations, and in some residential ones as well. Learn how to calculate.
How To Calculate Gross Operating Income (G0I)
In real estate investment, we want to estimate the income of a property with a realistic estimate of losses due to vacancy and bad credit. This is called gross operating income or GOI. We subtract those estimated amounts from Gross Projected Income to arrive at Gross Operating Income.
What Loan Types are Not Covered by RESPA?
RESPA, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, covers the vast majority of residential loans. Learn the loan types not covered by RESPA and why.
Coldwell Banker - A Franchise that Educates
Coldwell Banker Real Estate, a Realogy Company, is a major player in the real estate business. Founded in 1906, the company now has more than 4000 worldwide offices. Franchisee brokers appreciate and value the education they receive in performance tracking, technology and business management, as well as the volume buying savings on all kinds of business items.
Jumpstart Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence...
Every real estate agent has a sphere of influence, a group of people upon which they have some influence, if for no other reason than they know you. This group will be a future source of business. Increasing the size of your sphere of influence will bring you much business over time.
Keller Williams Real Estate - Sharing Knowledge...
Keller Williams Real Estate, founded in 1983, has experienced steady growth in franchises and now has more than 600 offices and more than 80,000 agents. Using innovative profit sharing for agents who bring in agent recruits for up to seven down levels, this company has experienced excellent agent retention. The Keller Williams University provides extensive training and the technology resources provided to agents are highly valued.
Duplex Property Investment Opportunities
A duplex in real estate normally refers to a structure used for residential purposes and consisting of two living units with a common wall.
Top 8 Additional Duties for A Licensed Real...
A licensed real estate assistant will add additional abilities, as most real estate licensing boards limit what an un-licensed assistant can do. These include document preparation, advice and interpretation, delivery of financial and title documents. attending closings and telephone marketing.
Unimproved Land in Real Estate
Unimproved land in real estate is defined as land that does not have certain basic required services necessary to utilize it for other purposes.
3 Secrets to a Successful Real Estate Career
The vast majority of people who do not make it in real estate fail in their first two or three years in the business. These 3 secrets for new real estate agent success can get you started right and make real estate your lifelong career.
MLS Only Listings - What's the Debate About?
MLS only listing is generally the practice of charging a set low fee to place a seller's property on the Multiple Listing Service, but not providing any other services to the seller. This means that there is not agent/broker who will be advising the seller or helping them with the contract or closing process.
Real Estate Listing Agreements Types - Who Gets...
There are three basic types of real estate listing agreements, Open, Exclusive Agency, and Exclusive Right to Sell.
Is a Real Estate Career Right for You?
Assure your success in a real estate career by knowing the reasons others fail and taking action to overcome them. Competition, variable income commissions, burn-out, and unrealistic expectations are all important contributors to failure in the business.
The Modified Net Lease in Commercial Real Estate
The modified net lease is so-named because it is a modified version of the triple net lease. Rather than paying all expenses, the tenant may pay taxes and insurance but share maintenance expenses with the landlord.
Encumbrances in Real Estate Defined
An encumbrance is a claim or liability against real estate. This can include liens, deed restrictions, easements encroachments or licenses.
WordPress Makes a Great Real Estate Website
Can you have a full-featured real estate web site powered by Wordpress? You bet you can. And you can pick up some great features from the thousands of Wordpress plugins.
Is Starting As a Real Estate Assistant a Good...
A real estate assistant, un-licensed or licensed, can be an excellent way to enter the business. Learn by assisting an agent or broker in tasks involved with listing properties, selling homes, creating marketing literature and brochures, and service buyers and sellers.
How To Calculate Cash Flow Before Taxes (CFBT)...
Cash flow is all the in and out flows of cash through a business, without regard to tax considerations. All money in or out is considered. This is Cash Flow Before Taxes or CFBT. The cash flow of a real estate investment is an important part of its viability as an investment. Rental properties are expected to cash flow more than mortgage payments and expenses to generate a profit.
How To Determine Expenses and Plan Marketing...
As a real estate agent or broker, you're an independent contractor. Expenses and income for your business should be estimated carefully and a plan put in place to create the income to surpass expenses. With spreadsheets and the sales funnel process, it's not difficult and well worth a couple of hours of your time.
Elements of a Legally Valid Real Estate Contract
Certain elements are required to make a real estate contract valid legally. These are that it be for a legal purpose, voluntary, there be agreement as an offer and acceptance, the parties must be legally competent to enter into the agreement, and there be valid consideration or exchange of value.
How To Calculate Return on Equity for Real...
Return on equity, as calculated in the first year of a real estate investment, is the cash return after taxes divided by the cash invested in the property.
Vacancy and Credit Loss for Investors
Vacancy and credit loss is an estimated amount or percentage that will be lost in rental income due to property vacancies and non-payment of rent.
What is a Material Fact in Real Estate?
A material fact in real estate is well-defined as a fact that, if known, might have caused a buyer or seller of real estate to make a different decision.
Easements, Liens and Encumbrances in Real Estate
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Real Estate Property
My experience with the Zillow Premier Agent...
The annual price to be featured in this program was $468. I'm going to show you the results for leads right out of my report from Zillow as of May 27, 2011.
Elements of an Effective Comparative Market...
A good comparative market analysis, or CMA, is simply defined as one that helps to yield an accurate and reasonable listing price for a property. However, easily defined and easily produced are not the same. A good CMA requires attention to detail, mathematical skills, experience and a bit of creative thinking.
Calculate Compound Interest in 3 Easy Steps
Compound interest is interest on principal plus interest on the accumulated interest and is required knowledge for real estate investing.
Is Real Estate Consulting Gaining Ground?
Real estate consulting combines some of the practices of fee for service with an hourly fee delivery for services.
What Does a General Warranty Deed Convey?
A General warranty deed legally binds the grantor with certain covenants or warranties. Covenant of seisin, covenant against encumbrances, covenant of quiet enjoyment, covenant of further assurance, covenant of warranty forever.
The New Agent's Guide to Broker Price Opinion
The BPO, or Broker Price Opinion, is a tool used by lenders and mortgage companies to value properties in situations where they believe the expense and delay of an appraisal is not necessary. Learn here when a BPO might be used, the types of BPOs and more.
Periodic Tenancy or Estate for Period to Period...
Periodic tenancy, or estate from period to period, is one type of leasehold estate in real estate. There is no defined ending date for this type of lease, but usually a defined period of tenancy, such as month-to-month. Proper notice of termination must be given according to the agreement.
Before You Buy or Rent Commercial Space, Read...
A commercial leasing agent works with landlords or tenants to secure a lease that is agreeable to both parties. A sales agent works with property owners or potential owners who are looking to buy, and attempts to close a deal between the two parties.
The For Sale by Owner Real Estate Niche
As a real estate niche, working with FSBO sellers can be challenging, but it can also bring listings faster than other types of marketing.
Real Estate Investing Buyer List - How to Build...
Successful real estate investors have a pipeline of resources that provides leads for locating deals. One component of their pipeline is a buyer list. Learn here how to build one that will provide you with buyers for deals.
Why Should I Invest in Real Estate?
With a major portion of the 1990's Standard & Poors Earnings running at 5% to 6%, with dividend earnings running 2% or less, an astute real estate investor would have done much better. With a strategy of only purchasing properties with expected rental yields above 6%, the added return potential of amortization, leverage, appreciation, tax advantages and more make real estate a sound alternative to other investment vehicles.
4 Tips for Creating a Real Estate Website
Many wonder if they should use their own Name as their real estate web site domain name. Though it can be one of the names that point to your site, it shouldn't be the primary. It doesn't have to include
Top 6 Ways that Real Estate Investment Property...
Real estate investment property provides numerous advantages over other types of investments. This is primarily due to the different ways in which the real estate investor can realize returns on their property investments. These include mortgage payoff, appreciation, tax advantages, gains from inflation, and more.
Administration & Risk Management in Real...
Real estate property management requires a high level of detail as regards record-keeping. With financial, government regulation and risk factors involved, the more detailed and organized the records are the better. This is important not only for tenant management, but also for employees and subcontractors.
Top 5 Ways that Real Estate Easements are Created
Easements are the right of someone to utilize the real estate owned by another. Real estate easements can be created by written agreement of the parties, a deed conveying a property, condemnation, court order, prescription or by necessity.
Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Contract Changes
Real estate agents need to be sure that they know the difference between an amendment and an addendum to a real estate contract or purchase agreement. In real estate contract law, using the wrong document could lead to more than just a red face. An amendment changes an already-executed agreement, while an addendum is an additional document included in the original agreement.
The Gross Lease in Commercial Real Estate
The commercial gross lease is sometimes also called a full service lease. The landlord generally agrees to pay all expenses in this type of lease, including taxes, insurance and maintenance.
Before You Choose a Choose a Real Estate...
Too many new real estate agents think that to choose a real estate broker is primarily based on commission splits. It's not all about the split, as the final in-your-pocket income has to do with many variable services provided by brokers. What training and education do you need and they offer? Do you need lots of floor time and leads provided by the broker?
Failure to Understand Operating Expenses Could...
If you're considering investing in real estate rental property, be sure that you understand the way that expenses and income are calculated and discussed. Operating expenses is one area of misunderstanding.
The Real Estate Referral Agent
The real estate referral agent is one of the highest paid non-entertainment jobs on the planet. Where's the value in this antiquated procedure?
What is real estate commission split?
The commission split in real estate is a multi-level sharing of the gross commission as charged to the buyer or seller of real estate.
Building Your Investor Buyer List
There are a great number of ways in which to invest in real estate. Real estate investing opens up profitable strategies for just about every investing style.
What Does a Quitclaim Deed Convey?
The Quitclaim deed is the least protective for the buyer. Types of deeds. Real estate deed types.
Selling An Operating Business & Real Estate...
Though many commercial real estate agents will list operating businesses with the real estate, they are two very different animals. It should be a cooperative effort with a business broker in most cases.
The 1031 Exchange for Real Estate Investors
The 1031 Exchange is named after section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Using the 1031 exchange, an investor can exchange real estate and defer capital gains taxes on the profits from the sale. As the investor realizes appreciation, they can continue to trade up to more valuable properties, deferring capital gains taxes at each step.
Zoning Codes and What They Control
Zoning codes affect such things as lot sizes, uses of land, structure types, structure sizes, style of buildings, density and conservation of resources.
Amendment of a Real Estate Contract
An amendment, as it relates to a real estate contract or purchase agreement, refers to a document executed subsequent to the original contract being accepted by both parties, and modifying some aspect of the original contract. It's a change to the originally agreed upon terms. This should not be confused with an addendum.
Real Estate Agent's Guide to Fee Simple Ownership
A fee simple estate in land is the highest form of ownership recognized by law. The property owner is entitled to the full enjoyment and use of the property subject only to limitations such as deed restrictions or zoning.
A condominium is one of a group of housing units where each homeowner owns their individual unit space, and all the dwelling share ownership of areas of common use.
The HUD-1 Settlement Statement Sample
One of the first things every new real estate agent should learn is the HUD-1 Settlement Statement inside and out. After all, you'll be going over it with clients and frequently be asked to explain items or how they're calculated. Here's a completed example HUD-1 on a .pdf with live links to instructional quick tips for the items.
What do Real Estate Agents Do?
A real estate agent is an individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales; works for a real estate broker.
Real Estate Lease Agreements Elements
Real estate lease agreements consist of numerous elements that set out the rights and obligations of the lessor/landlord and the lessee/tenant.
Real Estate Brokerage Office Management
Learn the basics of real estate brokerage office management. An introduction to insurance, risk management, marketing, purchasing, sales and lead management, office and staff considerations.
The 4 Major Types of Deeds to Convey Title
Types of deeds used to convey real estate. Learn types of deeds and what each conveys from grantor to grantee.
The Loan Origination Fee on the HUD-1...
Pretty straight forward, the HUD-1 settlement statement, in the 800 series items, will show an item for the loan origination fee. This is a fee, usually based on a percentage of the total loan amount, paid by the borrower up front for the ability to obtain the loan. A common percentate is 1 point, or 1% of the loan amount, however it varies with several factors.
Lease Purchase for Buyers and Sellers of Real...
Using a least purchase agreement can be beneficial to both buyers and sellers of real estate. Learn why and how here.
Understanding the Income Method of Real Estate...
Appraisers and real estate investors use the income method to value properties that produce rental income in some form. The net income a property generates is used to determine its fair market value. Primarily, capitalization rate and gross rent multiplier are calculations used in this method.
Showing Homes to Real Estate Buyers Step by Step
From the first interview with your buyer prospects to the opening of your car door, have you done the
Using the Sandwich Lease-to-Own Approach to...
For real estate investors with little cash and financing challenges, the sandwich lease to own strategy can provide ownership, lease positive cash flow, and a profit at sale time. Learn how here.
Getting a Flood Cert or Flood Certification on...
In most real estate deals involving a lender, the lender has their own source for getting a flood certification on a property before making the loan. A third party provider produces a report certifying the flood zone status of the property based on the most current FEMA flood maps. If your client is doing a cash deal, you might want to get them to do their own flood cert, or you can get it for them inexpensively.
The Multiple Listing Service in Real Estate
A Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a marketing database set up by a group of cooperating real estate brokers providing property for sale information.
Understanding the Real Estate Short Sale Process
Real estate investors can frequently make very profitable purchases of real estate through a short sale. Many short sales do not get approved or fall through for a variety of reasons. Learn here the step-by-step process to initiate a short sale, starting with the homeowner-borrower and moving through lender negotiations to the closing.
Farming an Area or Market Segment in Real Estate
When a real estate agent selects a subdivision, geographical area or demographic customer profile and does marketing to that area or market segment regularly, they are said to be farming the area or market. This can be by direct mail, postcards, door knocking, newsletters or even email campaigns.
Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio in Real Estate
The amount of the outstanding mortgage divided by the property's value is the LTV or loan to value ratio. The value is normally either the appraised value or the selling price, whichever is less. This is used in regular owner occupied mortages as well as properties purchased as real estate investments.
How to Preparation for a Real Estate Listing...
Before you get in front of that listing prospect, be sure you have your ducks in a row. You're presenting your experience, expertise, marketing and transactions services.
How To Calculate Simple Interest for the Real...
The most basic of the interest calculations, the accumulation of simple interest will be of interest to many real estate investor’s clients.
Referral Fees
Definition - Referral fees in real estate are fees charged by one agent or broker to another for a client referred. They are most common when a seller client is leaving the area and their agent refers them to an agent or broker in the new area to which they're moving. Generally this fee is a percentage of the final commission received by the agent who accepts the referral.
Florida Board of Realtors - Florida Association...
Contact information and link to the web site of the Florida Board of Realtors.
Pass that real estate license test the first...
Best practice tips for studying for the real estate agent licensing exam. Helpful advice for taking and passing the test.
Before You Start Investing In Real Estate - Get...
Before you start investing in real estate, know the math to identify good opportunities and manage them for profit. Understand the issues landlords face. Understand leverage, mortgage options, property suitability evaluation, and repairs and maintenance issues.
Facility & Physical Maintenance and Repairs...
Facility or physical maintenance is an important function of real estate property management. Regular preventive maintenance, as well as repairs when things go wrong, are quite important to tenant retention, higher occupancy and greater return on investment.
How to Calculate Income Property Value
Capitalization rate is a common method used in the process of arriving at the value of an income property, such as rental units, commercial rental space, etc. Learn the calculations you'll need as a real estate agent to work with your investor clients.
Real Estate Ownership Through REITs or Real...
REITs, or real estate investment trusts, allow the normal investor to own the commercial real estate. Whether its office space, a skyscraper, or apartments, an investor who purchases shares in a REIT will share ownership, as well as operational profits as dividends. Good earnings, predictability of income and expense, and low correlation with other asset classes, make REITs a good investment for many.
A fiduciary is someone who acts in a legal role responsible for the best interests of another. In real estate, an agent acting in an agency capacity has certain fiduciary duties to their client as a legal requirement.
You Don't Have to Be a Sales Person to be a...
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Commercial Real Estate Types
Commercial real estate agents and brokers can choose from several specialty types of properties to work with.
Lease purchase can be good for real estate...
Especially when home inventory is high, real estate agents shouldn't be avoiding the lease purchase option for buyers and sellers. Learn how you can get compensated.
Everything you need to manage your real estate...
Evernote can be a valuable resource in every facet of your real estate business, from market research to transaction management and CRM.
The Benefits of Owning Rental Property
Using an example fourplex rental property, we analyze how it cash flows and the tax advantages of ownership.
Real Estate Earnest Money Basics
Buyers frequently deposit earnest money in a real estate transaction. Learn how real estate earnest money is accounted for, handled, and refunded in the real estate purchase transaction.
How To Calculate After Tax Cash Flow (CFAT) for...
After Tax Cash Flow CFAT - Real Estate Investment After Tax Cash Flow CFAT About>Business & Finance>Real Estate Business> Real Estate Investment> Know the Math> After Tax Cash Flow CFAT - Real Estate Investment After Tax Cash Flow CFAT Most Popular Articles
Elements of a Good Lease Document
For investors and property managers, one key to a smoother interaction with tenants is a well-written lease agreement. Learn the basic items that should be there.
The Control of Land Use with Zoning Codes and...
Communities need control of how land is used, and the type and use of structures constructed in their area. This is done with zoning codes and zoning permits. The purposes for which land can be used, as well as the type and look of structures are controlled this way.
Easy and Free Real Estate Agent Accounting
Whether you're a new, or an established agent, keeping up with income, expenses, and mileage shouldn't take up large amounts of your time. Learn how to do it with your voice and be up-to-the-minute with your records.
Improvement Location Certificate in Real Estate
: When real estate is changing ownership, there is likely a title insurance policy being issued to the
Types of Commercial Loans
Commercial loans can be a necessary part of the commercial real estate process. They can provide emergency funding if an unexpected expense occurs on a property, or they can supplement a mortgage if an owner or investor is temporarily in over his head.
Are There Tax Benefits for Owning a Rental...
In our series examining a fourplex rental property's income and taxes, we're now looking at the mortgage interest deduction. This is frequently one of the largest write-offs for the owner.
Gross Potential Income (GPI) in Real Estate.
Gross Potential Income in real estate investing refers to the total potential income of a property before any creditor vacancy losses.
8 Must-Read Resources for New Real Estate Agents
A step-by-step plan for any agent, but really great for new agents. Learn how to spend very little to realize a lot of real estate marketing clout.
Marketing with an Effective Real Estate Drip...
A real estate drip email follow-up campaign is effective if it retains the prospect in your email list, they read some or all of the emails, and they deal with you when they're ready to buy or sell real estate.
Planning Real Estate Income with the Funnel...
Planning real estate income is accomplished by determining your needed income, planning behaviors and activities, knowing the approximate results of these activities and behaviors, and developing a plan. You can determine precisely what you need to do each day to fill your sales funnel. A lot goes in the top and the sales dribble out the bottom. Knowing the ratio of what goes into the top of the funnel to what comes out the bottom tells you what you need to do.
Crucial Article for New Real Estate Agents
Remember that not getting your own website, brand, your own marketing email and practices going will make it more difficult to go another way later.
What is Defeasible Fee in Real Estate?
When the rights of ownership in real estate are dependent on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event, it is known as a defeasible fee estate.
What Does a Bargain and Sale Deed Convey?
A bargain and sale deed does not warrant against encumbrances. It only implies that the grantor holds title and possession of the property. Real estate deeds. Types of real estate deeds.

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