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Unique Real Estate Web Site Content is Critical

Your Real Estate Website's Success Depends on It


Interesting and unique real estate website content is critical for the success of your site. The interesting part is for your visitors, while the unique part is for the search engines. Some SEO will go a long way in this strategy also. Use these links to get the information you need in order to end up with a site that appeals to your visitors and gets higher free search engine placement.

1. Don't Make Common Mistakes - Know What Your Visitors Want

Learn what your visitors expect when they reach your site, what not to do, and what will work for long term real estate web site success. There's also information on what works for follow-up email and what doesn't.

2. Website Content and Search Engine Optimization Basics

Too few real estate agents and brokers realize that the search engines actually want the same thing that you do from your site. If you concentrate first on content that's interesting and useful for your visitors, then use some basic SEO practices, you'll eventually get those higher free search positions you want. Learn why here.

3. It's Not Just All About External Links to Your Site

In your quest for as many external links into your site as you can get, don't overlook the value of internal links when properly used. The search engines value internal links that direct visitors to more relevant content on your site. Learn why and how it works here.

4. What is Keyword Density and How Do You Use It?

Whether you're writing your own unique real estate website content, or you're hiring freelancers to do it, you'll want to know the importance of keyword density. Learn here how to research key phrases and use them in your content for the best search engine optimization.

5. Real Estate Web Site Content - Write it or Buy it?

Should you write your own original real estate website content? Are free articles of value? Where can you find paid copywriters for your site? How much will copy cost if you buy it? You'll get all those questions answered here and more.
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