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Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your iPad for Real Estate Business


I had my iPad the first day possible, and have been working ever since to find the best, easiest and least expensive solutions to do as much with it in my real estate business as possible. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of my research and testing, as well as the large number if apps I bought but found not to be what I needed.

You'll find some great solutions here to make your iPad a real business tool.

1. First Impressions on Opening the iPad

iPad Display of About.com
Jim Kimmons

Worse than a kid at Christmas, I met the Fedex person at the truck to get my iPad. Read in this article what comes in the box, as well as my impressions of this amazing Apple product.

2. Printing with the iPad Over the Web

While it would be nice to have a USB port to print locally, you can accomplish this task using an online service called PrinterShare This service is easy to use, with the installation of software on your computer, and the sharing of your attached printers.

3. Using the Pages App on the iPad for Real Estate Documents & Flyers

iPad Pages Flyer Template

Pages, the iWorks app for word processing is a beautiful solution for anyone who wants an easy to use word processing application that works well with images and tables. And, there's even a template for a real estate listing flyer to get you going quickly.

4. Drawing Real Estate Floor Plans & Vector Drawings on the iPad

FloorPlan with Intaglio
Jim Kimmons

While there are floor plan apps for the iPhone, none had been designed especially for the larger screen of the iPad when I was looking. I'm glad, as it helped me to find this vector drawing application that not only does my floor plans, but also allows complex drawings for flyers and other marketing materials.

5. Using Evernote for Real Estate Document Management on the iPad

Document Management

I've written about the amazing features and abilities of the Evernote online note capture service. I use it a lot, and now will use it even more. You can email your iPad documents to your Evernote account, pick them up on any computer, and get them back on the iPad when you want.

6. Using an Online Backup Solution for iPad Real Estate Document Management

Backup Solutions

I've used Sugarsync for a long time now as my backup solution. It works in the background, making mirror image copies of all of my documents as I change or create them. Now, I also find that it helps me to manage, store, and retrieve my iPad documents.

7. Using the Numbers App on the iPad for Real Estate & Mortgage Calcs

Cost per prospect from a pay per click campaign.
® Photo: Jim Kimmons

You can do just about anything you need in a spreadsheet application with Numbers on the iPad. Check out this short article about templates that provide fast and professional client sheets for mortgage comparisons.

8. Keynote for iPad Real Estate Presentations

iPad for Real Estate

Using Keynote on the iPad to create a presentation is easy, and the ability to resize and rotate images with your fingers is fun as well. But, the huge value lies in the types of presentations you can create, and the professional look when you sit in front of a buyer or seller with the iPad. Learn here also about a cool free app to capture website screen shots to use in your presentations.

9. WordPress for Real Estate on the iPad

People Home Blogging
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One of the first projects on my new iPad was learning what I needed to know to post to my WordPress blogs on the go. Learn at this short article about the WordPress app for the iPad, as well as how I also post with the browser to my regular admin interface.

10. Voice to Text Conversion Apps for Real Estate on the iPad

In the short article at the link, I give you four ways to get your voice notes out of the iPad via email. Three also convert your voice to text. Learn why I like them all, and which are best for your needs.

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