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You can create documents and get them signed by clients in the field.


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Carry Your WiFi 3G Hotspot With You for a Mobile Real Estate Office
Palm Pre Hotspot

Palm Pre Hotspot

Jim Kimmons
We now have our netbook computer and/or our iPad, but now we need to be able to access the Web from wherever we are, preferably without traveling to a WiFi hotspot. I've written about my use of the Verizon MiFi device, which provides this capability, but the $60/month access fee was a bit steep unless you use it a lot.

Well, the situation is now better, with two phones from Verizon that have 3G hotspot capability as a part of the cell phone. I bought a Palm Pre Plus, and can turn on a hotspot at any time, for use by multiple computers or devices. It works great, and now I don't have to carry the phone and a WiFi box, and worry about multiple different batteries to keep charged. The same level of access is also less expensive with the phone hotspot.

With the Palm Pre, I have Web access for the netbook or the iPad wherever I get cell service. I have no problem accessing Zipforms Online and doing contract documents. In fact, there's an app with the iPad that makes it easier yet. Now I can do purchase agreements, counter offers, and other documents in my customer's home, hotel room or other location.

That's all great, but it isn't good enough unless I can easily print out the document to get their signatures. Sure, some love their tablet computers for signatures, but I found it a pain to try and show my client the contract clauses on the screen for explanation, then keep turning the computer around for their signatures. They prefer the paper, and the last piece of our mobile real estate office, printing, is next.

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