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Laying out a full color real estate listing brochure with the iPad & Pages


iPad Pages Flyer Template

iPad Pages Flyer Template

Simply because my MLS software wouldn't run on a Mac for a long time, I always used PCs, and wished that the beauty and functionality of a Mac could be in my future at some point. I'm still on a PC, but my iPad and the Pages word processing application has given me the best of both worlds. Pages provides some nicely-formatted document and letter templates, and one is titled simply "Flyer."

All of the amazing functionality of Pages is at my disposal to edit this Flyer to suit my needs. I can rotate images, resize them, and more. And, when I tap on the bullet items, it lets me type my items and appropriately formats them in two columns.

Not only with this flyer example, but with documents I started from scratch, I tested the compatibility with MS Word a lot. I sent my modified flyer to myself with email, and opened it in Word. I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

I definitely want to advise that you get an external keyboard if you want to really take advantage of the iPad for word processing and other business use. But, don't order the docking keyboard. I did and wasted my money. The small connection just doesn't support the top heavy iPad well, and the slightest movement or tilt, and the connection was lost. Also, it's heavy and bulky. I ordered the bluetooth wireless keyboard, and that's what I'm using right now to post this article. It's great!

Though I will keep and continue to use my netbook as my desktop, and carry it along on trips when there might be heavy computing needs, like video production, or access to images on the netbook, I think that all of my normal computing needs will be met with the iPad. I'm even posting to WordPress, not with the WordPress app though.

So, the tip here is to buy the Pages app for your iPad, along with the bluetooth keyboard. The install and pairing of the keyboard was simple and took only a couple of minutes. It also takes some of the annoyance out of having to work with Pages in the portrait mode to access the top menu, as you can do some of those functions with the keyboard. But mostly it's the fact that you don't need to go to landscape to get the larger screen keyboard.

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