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Using the Keynote App for Real Estate Listing & Other Presentations


Keynote is the PowerPoint of the Apple world. And, though I've never had a Mac, nor used Keynote before, I had no trouble at all in putting together a really striking presentation in Keynote on the iPad. The ability to insert images, rotate and resize them, and the really bright and sharp iPad display makes it a powerhouse for presentations.

  • Listing presentations to showcase your services and professionalism.
  • Walk buyers through the process, clearly showing your added value.
  • Build neighborhood or subdivision profile presentations.
  • Create market charts & graphs for up-to-date market statistical presentations.

I'm sure you can find many more uses for the iPad and Keynote in your everyday marketing efforts working with both buyers and sellers.

A bonus in your listing presentations will be the ability to create image screen shots of your website, and other sites where you will be syndicating their listing. Using another app, WebCapture, you can capture portions or complete web pages and save them on the iPad as images. Then you just insert them into your Keynote presentation.

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