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Lexmark X9575 Professional All-In-One Wireless Printer

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Lexmark X9575 Printer

The Bottom Line

I like this printer, especially since I work mostly via wireless with a Tablet PC. It allows me to work the way I like, and print no matter where in the home office I'm wandering.


  • Wireless, for the real estate pro on the go.
  • Takes SD, MMC, CF, MS, xD cards and USB micro devices.
  • Sheet feed scanner up to 50 pages.
  • I like the little popup screen.
  • Operated well for all types of real estate work I do.


  • A bit tight to feed photo paper or card stock
  • Larger paper capacity would have been nice.


  • Wireless for my entire home office network.
  • Prints directly from multiple storage cards, including the old CF format, and USB flash drive.
  • Prints photos directly from the cards.
  • Sheet feed scanner for multi-page (50 pages)document scanning.
  • Flatbed scanner for special or large documents.
  • Allows scanned item to go to selected computer on the network.
  • Converts scanned documents to PDF.
  • Prints on two sides (duplex).

Guide Review - Lexmark X9575 Professional All-In-One Wireless Printer

I received the Lexmark X9575 printer, unpacked, and installed it in about 25 minutes. The first page I printed jammed. No fault of the printer though, as I had been my usual speedy self, and unpacked too quickly. It seemed that a small piece of Styrofoam that broke off got into the paper path. It wasn't hard to locate and remove, so just a caution to be careful when you unpack.

The wireless installation was successful, and the process wasn't difficult. It located my wireless network right away. My computer was able to print via wireless immediately. To get my other two home computers going, I just had to install the software, about 15 minutes each.

In working with this printer, though my family was enjoying printing photos, I was evaluating it for a real estate professional. I wanted to see how it would perform for contract documents, brochures, photos and card stock. All worked well. You can't stuff too much card stock or photo paper in for a multiple print, but I doubt you would want to use this printer to crank out a 500 piece mailer anyway.

I found it up to the task of printing quality full color listing brochures, as well as 4x6 photos of listings. If you still use photos, it's nice to take them with your digital and just insert the card straight from the camera into the printer. You can even do a little editing on board.

As I have multiple printers, and this one had to sit about eight feet away, the little tilt-up screen is a real plus. I can see what's going on with my print routine from the desk. Its small form factor made it easy to make room in a crowded space.

All said, this printer would be a good choice for the agent in a crowded office who wants a bit of autonomy with her own printer. It is especially nice for the home office, as it does it all. It is even a fax, if you're still doing that.

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