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Computers to Cell Phones - Hardware for Real Estate

The choices for technology business hardware are huge and growing daily. Learn about desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PC's, peripheral hardware, cell and smart phones, handhelds, GPS, lockboxes and lockbox keys and more.

Your Mobile Real Estate Printing Needs Without Ink or Toner
I recently purchased a Pentax PocketJet3 printer for uses outside of real estate. But, I've found that it's going to be my preferred real estate mobile office printer from now on. Read my review.

Which Is Better For You - A Netbook or a SmartPhone for Real Estate?
It's been all the rage to have a fancy phone that checks email, browses the web, and gives you thumb callouses. Those tiny keyboards are just tough to use. Compare the netbook to a smartphone here.

Lexmark X9575 Professional All-In-One Wireless Printer
I tested a Lexmark X9575 Professional wireless printer from the perspective of use by a real estate professional in a wireless or home office environment.

The Flip Video Camcorder - Simplifying Your Video Tasks
The Flip camcorder certainly simplifies the taking of video and posting to a YouTube or other online account. I'll tell you about how I found it as a real estate tool.

The Top Picks for Useful Cell Phone Business Tools
Is your cell phone so much a part of you that you forget it's there? Most real estate professionals rely heavily on their cell phones to stay in touch while involved in their many activities out of the office. As useful as our cell phone is, and as much as we rely on it, there is much more you can do with it to increase your efficiency. Learn some of the top tools for cell phone enhancement.

The Jawbone Headset - Noise Cancellation for Your Cell Phone
The Jawbone cell phone ear piece is the sixth one I've purchased. I stopped using all the previous brands in less than a couple of weeks each. Learn about Jawbone and why it is the best so far.

GPS Real Estate in Rural Markets
With GPS (Global Positioning System) handheld units down under $100, any real estate professional who doesn't GPS real estate in rural markets is not serving their listing clients nor buyers well. With more cars every year equipped with GPS units, buyers can locate property regardless of poor or lost directions.

Choosing the Best All-in-One Printer Scanner Copier for the Real Estate Office
The average real estate agent or broker office works with a great deal of printed material, from brochures to MLS printouts, contract documents, marketing postcards, newsletters and more. Technology has come a long way in the printer category. The new all-in-one printer scanner copiers come in all sizes and capacities, from the small and...

How low can you go: ultramobile or ultraportable? - CNET Reviews
CNET does a really good job of reviewing hardware and software. This article reviews portable computers.

Combine Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS Into a 12.2 MP Camera for Real Estate
The Samsung CL65 12.2 megapixel camera delivers everything I need all in one very small package. With Wifi, bluetooth and GPS, it's a dream for the rural real estate professional. Actually, it's great for anyone, with direct mp4 video production and 5X zoom, images and video is excellent.

Tell Us About Your Mobile Tools for Real Estate
Our readers are interested in success stories in the use of mobile devices in working as a real estate professional. Tell us how you've made your practice more mobile, how it's helped you to be more productive, and if it helps you in better serving your clients.

Combining these three items, you can go totally mobile at rea…
With all of the choices out there for fancy cell phones, smart phones, wifi computing, netbooks, and more hardware, what's the best way to go to a totally mobile real estate office? There's a way to do it at a reasonable cost with three items.

First Impressions of the iPad for Real Estate Professionals
I've now had my iPad less than 24 hours, but I've installed a lot of apps and tested a few things, and here are my impressions of how useful it will be in my real estate practice.

Laying out a full color real estate listing brochure with the…
The iPad and the Pages application can be a great word processor. And it really shines with brochures, even providing one brochure template in their "new document" choices. Learn about it here.

Using Intaglio Sketchpad to Draw a Real Estate Floor Plan on the iPad
Right after the iPad was released, I couldn't find a true floorplan app for it's large screen. But, I did find a vector drawing app, Intaglio Sketchpad. It did a great job of letting me scale a house floorplan and export it to my computer.

Printing with the iPad for Real Estate
You can print to a regular printer with the iPad without a cable or physical connection. It's a free service called PrinterShare, and it will allow you to print to your printers, or other people's, over the Web.

Document Sharing with Sugarsync and the Pages App on the iPad
If you want to combine a really useful and powerful backup and file sharing system with the Pages app on the iPad for document transfers, Sugarsync is the answer. Learn here how it works, and how to kill two birds with one stone.

Using the Numbers App for Real Estate & Mortgage Spreadsheets
The Numbers App, part of the iWorks group of applications for the iPad, will handle all of your real estate spreadsheet needs. It has some specialty templates of particular interest.

Using the Keynote App for Real Estate Listing & Other Presentations
Using the Keynote App from iWorks for the iPad is probably the most exciting facet of using the iPad in real estate. Not only will your presentations to buyers and sellers be easier, they'll blow them away with graphics and the iPad's display.

Real Estate Blogging With WordPress on the iPad
The WordPress app for the iPad makes it easy to do simple blog posts to multiple blogs on the WordPress platform. But, there's another way, and it works too.

Real Estate Voice to Text Conversion with Dictation on the iPad
The microphone in the iPad is great, and there are several apps that can take your voice notes and convert them to text, then let you email them out. Learn the ones I like best here.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your iPad for Rea…
I had my iPad the first day possible, and have been working ever since to find the best, easiest and least expensive solutions to do as much with it in my real estate business as possible. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of my research and testing, as well as the large number if apps I bought but found not to be what I needed. You'll find some great solutions here to make your …

Using My iPad to Work on Real Estate & the MLS on My Desktop PC
I've paid almost as much for iPad apps now as I paid for my 16 GB iPad. I test them, keep some, and delete many. But, Logmein Ignition is definitely staying. I can work on my desktop from the field, including Word, Excel, log in to the MLS and everything else.

The Analytics HD application for the iPad and my real estate website …
I no longer ever access my Google Analytics stats on my regular computer. The Analytics HD app for the iPad is amazing. It gives me all of the information I need, and it's a great interface and layout. Keeping up with site traffic statistics is easier and portable now.

Become a walking 3G hotspot mobile office with Verizon phone …
You can be a walking 3G hotspot, use your phone for what it does best, and use an iPad for just about everything else. Learn how here.

You can create documents and get them signed by clients in the field.
If you want to meet with a customer in their home, a hotel room, or just about anywhere, you can now complete documents, print them, get signatures, and even scan and send them out, all from a remote location. A completely mobile real estate office solution.

Using the HP D110 Wireless ePrinter for Mobile Real Estate & iPad Printing
This is my review of the HP D110 printer after testing it for mobile printing with my iPad.

Real Estate Photography Using the Eye-Fi Card
Using the Eye-Fi card has made it almost a pleasure to return from taking a group of photos, whether of a listing or just area shots for the website. This wireless card takes over when I walk back into the office, and everything is where it's supposed to be.

Portable Blogging for the Real Estate Professional

Review of the Epson WP-4540 Printer
The Epson WP-4540 brings a lot of speed, power and capability to the real estate office without a high cost to acquire or operate it. Here's my review.

Using Google+ Auto-backup to get photos into your blog or website.

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