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Android Office Components

Jim Kimmons
I had already given away my iPhone and iPad right after Apple dumped Google Maps, which were quite valuable to me. So, Android was my new toy. I went to a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and really liked it. Then I started looking critically at my HP Mini 2140 Netbook. While it's been a great little machine, with around a 10" screen, The heavy batteries and having to carry two of them around as well as a charger was getting old. Or, maybe I was just in the "new tech toy" mode.

I was really wanting a 10" Android device, but a reasonably-sized keyboard is critical for my writing. While there are a few Android "netbook" type devices out there, notably manufactured by Wolvol, they were out of stock when I was looking, and the under $200 price made me nervous. That's despite great reviews, so you may want to check them out.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet was really calling out to me, but I didn't want just a tablet ... needed that keyboard. Then I found that Logitech was selling a keyboard case designed specifically for the Tab 2. The bluetooth keyboard would press onto the front of the tablet creating a nice case and protection for the screen. No cables were needed for connection, so I took the plunge and bought both of them from Amazon for a total under $400. Only around $38 of that was the keyboard.

Android vs Chromebook

I don't own a Chromebook, nor have I used one. However, due to my really great experience with my Android phone, I really leaned toward the Android platform, especially when I found the Logitech keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I must have a keyboard for my writing, and can't touch-type on a screen.

The reason I didn't want to go Chromebook was the far greater choice in apps for Android over Chromebook. With the Chromebook apps requiring running in Chrome, Android apps are like software, stored on the device and running programs on the device independent of Internet access. I want to show you what I'm using both on my phone and tablet/netbook, and even how they communicate with each other. It's truly a mobile office with almost everything I need to work on the go.

Let's get started.

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