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Manage Your Transaction Tasks with Less Stress

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Manage Your Transaction Tasks with Less Stress

The Bottom Line

If you're an Outlook user, you can better manage your closing and listing transaction tasks, as well as do a better job of archiving email by transaction or client.


  • Steps you through new views to better use the calendar for transaction tasks
  • The task views make it easier to group tasks by transaction and locate them.
  • Group closing related emails by category for easier retrieval
  • All instructions are easy to follow


  • Just that most of this only applies to Outlook 2003


  • Set up your caledar default view to show just the closing transaction tasks for today.
  • Learn to use pre-tasks to know about a document delivery deadline before the due date.
  • Proper category setup to capture transaction related emails and file them for easy retreival later.

Guide Review - Manage Your Transaction Tasks with Less Stress

With the release of Microsoft Outlook 2003, we saw many improvements. This book shows us how to create custom views to manage our calendar appointments and tasks. Another extremely valuable section shows us how to get rid of all of those email file folders that still managed to lose our email anyway.

Real estate daily activities can get quite hectic. Learn specific ways to set up your Outlook views in Contacts, Calendar and Tasks in order to quickly see your daily required activities.

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