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Using Technology to Manage and Market a Real Estate Business

Technology isn't just the internet. It's computers, smart phones, prospect/contact management software, intranets, global positioning systems, online mapping, printers, scanners and more. Learn how to purchase and use them here.
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Printer and Computer for a Mobile Real Estate Office in a Small Bag
What's 11 inches by 4.5 inches by 8.25 inches? It's my netbook computer, pentax printer, and the bag they're carried in, with cables. The truly mobile real estate office can fit in a tiny bag.

Real Estate Technology - Franchises vs Independent Brokerages
Though there are some who will continue to maintain the old ways of real estate brokerage, the future successful businesses will be those who figure out the technology and agent needs for it.

My Top Ten Favorite Free Real Estate Technology Tools
Why pay for something you can get at no cost? And it's even better when the free solutions do such a great job of helping you to market and manage your real estate business. I run through software, hardware and services technology solutions with a vengeance. I use them, abuse them, and throw many out. However, I do have some favorites that I use and love. Here are the top ten free real estat…

Which is Better - An Employee or a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?
Real estate virtual assistants are gaining clients in the real estate industry. Busy agents and brokers are finding, with today's technology, that they can use a virtual assistant that isn't physically in their office, or even in their state. Let's look at whether a real estate virtual assistant is right for your business.

If You're Afraid of Technology, Hire an Assistant that Isn't
Start getting into technology hardware, software, services, the internet and more soon, or your business will suffer. If you're afraid of technology, hire an assistant who isn't.

Functions of an Intranet in the Real Estate Office
An intranet is similar to an in-house computer network. It allows the network members to share resources, documents, calendars and tasks. The difference is that an intranet is an online resource. This allows members to be freed from the office and to be able to access all these resources from any internet computer.

These are my top 10 technology tools to manage my real estate…
Technology is evolving even as I write this, so double check prices and services when you look into these services. But, right now, six of these are free, and the other four are really inexpensive. Combining them all will only cost around $10/month, and you'll be managing your real estate business on the road with efficiency and covering all the bases. I am constantly testing and playing with th…

World-Class Business Management & Marketing for 81 Cents/Day
It's cheap, but it's also a world-class business system that is made possible by today's awesome technology tools online. New agents or established professionals can set up a system to market, manage prospects, contacts and transactions, and manage every facet of a successful real estate business.

SMS to Email with Google Voice
Have you finally figured out how to make sure that all of those email messages are filed away related to a transaction? Have you thought about text messages, as that's becoming the preferred method of communication for your customers? Google Voice brings it all together.

Use Metes & Bounds App to Draw Plats from Legal Descriptions …
The Metes & Bounds app for the iPad really made my day. The first test after I installed the app, I entered the calls from a legal description on a deal for my buyer. It turns out that the parcel didn't close on the plat drawn by the app, and I found a type on the legal. All this took 15 minutes.

Stop Doing Out-of-Office Auto Response Email
Analyze what the customer wants and what you're telling them, and you'll quit doing auto-response when you're out of the office. And, it wastes bandwidth.

WordPress Websites for Real Estate
This is the beginning of a series of tutorials on using WordPress for your real estate websites. WordPress web sites provide numerous advantages for the real estate professional serious about their web presence. However, this material is excellent for any business.

A WordPress Blog as Your Real Estate Website
The basics of what differentiates a blog from a website, as well as how they're the same. A blog platform can be an excellent real estate website, and WordPress real estate websites are excellent business generators.

Real Estate Website SEO Benefit from Photos in Google Search
Using photos of your area on your real estate website make it more interesting for your visitors, but these images also bring visitors. And, it's not just from the tags on the photo.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing is Effective
It's interesting to me as to why real estate professionals are so slow in getting into the text message marketing mold. It's here, it's strong, and it's effective.

Android vs Chromebook - The Android Real Estate Mobile Office
After doing some heavy reading about Chromebooks, I could see why they've become quite popular. So much of what we do is online anyway, but check out why I decided to go all Android for my office.

Zendone and GTD for Real Estate - Part 1

Zendone Real Estate Integrations

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Real Estate
I moved from a Galaxy S3 phone to the Note 3 primarily for the SPen. I love it for other reasons as I've learned to use it.

Google+ Leverage for Real Estate Marketing
Google+ for Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Document Sharing with Google Drive
Real estate transactions are complicated, and a great many very important documents are involved, and Google Drive helps me to store and share them.

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