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Terms Beginning with Letters S - V

Definitions of words or terms beginning with the letters S through V. Click the links to get complete definitions.

Real Estate Listings Syndication
Too many real estate agents and brokers only tout their own website exposure to their clients. Listing clients should be shown that their listing is syndicated to multiple busy web real estate portals.

Sales Comparison Approach in Real Estate Appraisal
The Sales Comparison Approach a property valuation method that uses the value of recently sold comparable properties to determine the subject property's value. I

Search Engine
A search engine is a web site that collects and organizes content from all over the internet. Those wishing to locate something would enter a query about what they'd like to find and the engine provides links to content that matches what they want.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is a group of techniques that are used to make the web site look better to search engines, thus getting higher ranking and more clicks and business.

Sphere of Influence in Real Estate
The real estate sphere of influence is that group of people that you know or do business with. Every contact is potential business, and increasing the group upon which you have some influence will increase your business over time.

Staging a home refers to getting it ready to sell by removing certain personal items, rearranging furnishings, bringing in furnishings for empty homes and making the home look good to potential buyers.

Straight-line Depreciation of Real Property
Straight-line depreciation is the depreciation of real property in equal amounts over the allowed life of the property for tax purposes.

Subagency refers to a relationship between the listing and the selling agents in a real estate transaction.

A townhouse is one of a row of homes sharing common walls. Differing from condominiums, townhouse ownership does include individual ownership of the land.

Unimproved Land
Unimproved land in real estate is defined as land that does not have certain basic required services necessary to utilize it for other purposes. These include electricity, telephone, street access, or water available.

Usufructuary Rights to Water in Real Estate
Usufructuary rights refers to the rights of owners of property bounding water to the use of that water. These rights are normally set by state law, assuming some rights for all property owners adjacent to the water body. Mostly common in the western parts of the country, riparian rights are more commonly used in the east.

Vacancy and Credit Loss in Real Estate Investing
Vacancy and credit loss is an estimated amount or percentage that will not be realized in rental income due to property vacancies and non-payment of rent.

Vicarious Liability
Vicarious liability is the responsibility of one for the acts of another. In the real estate business, this would be the case when a listing or buyer broker is an "agent" of the seller or buyer. The client can be held responsible for the actions of the broker agent if they have knowledge of an improper or negligent act.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Think of the duties an unlicensed assistant would have in your office and have those things done by someone at a distance over the internet. That's a real estate virtual assistant. Within your state's laws, they could do certain administrative, marketing, internet, listings and transaction management tasks.

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