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Exit Realty - A Focus on Agency Growth and Sharing


A Focus on Residual Income for Agents:

From the first visit to their corporate web site, through all their recruiting and training literature, Exit Realty focuses on the ability of their agents to earn residual income by recruiting other agents and helping them to prosper.

10% Sponsorship, 7% Retirement, and 5% Benefit Residual Setup:

For each agent personally sponsored, the sponsoring agent receives a bonus equivalent to 10% of the sponsored agent's commission, paid by EXIT Realty Corp. International as a thank you for helping to grow the corporation. This is up to a $10k limit. There is also a 7% retirement residual and, should the agent die, his beneficiary could receive a 5% ongoing residual. All of these are based on the agents who stay with the company of course.

Mandated 70%/30% Commission Split:

Exit Realty corporate mandated agent/broker splits are 30% broker and 70% agent until $100k in income is reached. Then the split is 10% broker and 90% agent. Note that this would work with the cap on residual income, as that 10% would no longer be available after $100k level is reached.

No Limit on Number Sponsored or on Location:

There is no limit on the number of agents that any one agent can sponsor, nor is there a location limitation. Thus an agent in San Francisco can sponsor one in New York. Obviously, this has led to very rapid growth of brokerages and the franchise.

What are the Fees the Agent Pays?:

There is a $295 annual Exit member fee paid to the franchise.

$150 per transaction fee capped at $2700 per year.

Some brokerages charge a small Errors and Omissions insurance fee.

What's it Like to Be an Exit Realty Agent that's Different from Other Franchises:

Discussions with agents and brokers indicate that there is more of a spirit of cooperation among the independent contractor agents, as the success of their down-line sponsored agents directly results in income for the sponsoring agent.

Others make the retirement and benefits residuals a valuable incentive and contribution to their comfort level during slow periods.

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