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Coldwell Banker - A Franchise that Educates


A Long History of Real Estate Brokerage:

Founded in 1906 by Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker, this Realogy Company has a long and distinguished history. One interviewed broker who joined the franchise in 1984 was told by a competitor to "join or get buried." This broker is still in business and happy to be a Coldwell Banker office.

What are the Fees and Split Arrangements?:

After a corporate percentage is taken off the top of all commissions, the agent and broker negotiate the split percentage on an individual basis. As with most others using this method, the split might vary depending on the agent's experience and business volume, as well as their support requirements. Some may also share costs of specific services and technology among associates.

Coldwell Banker Provides Extensive Broker Support and Education:

Though there isn't a great deal of day-to-day corporate involvement in brokerages, there is a support structure in place upon which the franchisees rely for education, training and cost savings.

Education in tracking their office's business performance was mentioned as a huge help in the growth of one brokerage.

Affiliate Information Exchange is Important:

Another value mentioned frequently is the interaction of the different non-competing brokerage affiliates with regards to sharing of best practices and information about products and services.

Usually, what works well in one market can be implemented in another with similar success. The sharing of these successful practices among the group provides trickle-down value to the agents in the offices.

Leveraging the Internet for the Benefit of Clients and Agents:

Coldwell Banker provides online training for it's brokers and agents, including help with the implementation of new technologies.

The Coldwell Banker web site provides extensive property search tools for buyers and valuation tools for sellers.

High Broker and Agent Retention:

One broker stated that the franchise investment was "overwhelmingly worth the cost." There was also a belief that a slowing market would help in recruitment to the more established brands.

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