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Geotag your photos with Google Earth to create online maps.


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Why Geotag Photos & Create Maps
Google Picasa Photo Map

Google Picasa Photo Map

Jim Kimmons
If you want to establish your website or blog as an interesting local map resource, or just market yourself with a map of the homes you've listed or sold, using geotagged photos and an embeddable map is the way to go. I do so much of this for my resort community site that I've moved to a camera with built-in GPS, but you don't need to spend that much money. You can geotag using Picasa software and inputting an address in Google Earth. Or, you can just navigate in a Google Earth map to the location where the photo was taken. You can also carry around a GPS unit if you want.

Site visitors, particularly those wanting to learn more about an area before shopping for real estate, appreciate great photos and location maps. Tying the two together creates a very visually appealing presentation of homes or tourism attractions around your area. The image shows a portion of the Picasa map screen for a photo album. By grouping photos into albums by subject matter, I can create custom maps for local restaurants, shopping, art galleries and more. Mousing over an image on the left pops up the caption you assigned to the image. Clicking on any of the images pops up a larger size image pointing to the location on the map.

The steps in this tutorial require that you have the latest version of Google's Picasa software, and the same for the free Google Earth viewer software on your computer. They're free and fast to install, so you may want to do that now. I've checked into at least a dozen or more mapping software and online solutions, and I haven't found a better or easier way to do it than this. And, the bonus is that I actually think the maps are more visually appealing with the image thumbnails than with little map pins or other icons.

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