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Now all of those transaction Gmail emails can be printed in multiples.


Gmail has been my sole email client for several years now. It checks other dedicated website email addresses, so I can get all of my email in one place. However, a problem that's been bugging me for a couple of years is the inability to print multiple gmail messages at one time. I keep all of the emails related to a transaction, and want to print them to a PDF and maybe to paper for the transaction file once the deal closes. But, you can't do that in Gmail.

I found some software for sale, but it didn't work well at all. I found another piece of software that would periodically check a certain email address and print out the emails, but it wanted to print them all, not what I wanted either. So, I've been annoyed and watching for a couple of years now. Then, when I was working in the desktop version of Evernote for Windows 3.5, I realized that I could highlight multiple notes and have them all print to the printer or with my PDF creator software, to a PDF file.

I primarily work in Evernote online, but the desktop software comes in handy to clip things in documents and other places on my hard drive, so I've had it installed for a while. I stumbled across the multiple print ability, and it solved all of my problems. You get a private email address to send notes into Evernote with email, and I use it a lot to forward important emails to save them as notes. But now it's a whole lot more valuable. To print multiple gmails is still not possible in Gmail itself. But, by forwarding the important transaction emails to Evernote, I can print multiple Gmail messages out of Evernote as notes. I even get the attachments.

By putting a contact into Gmail called "Evernote" with that email address, all I do is click on Forward and start typing "eve" into the To: box and the Evernote email address pops in, and I forward with one click. To further automate transaction emails, I build Gmail filters to automatically forward emails to and from my client. I merely do a search on the client's partial email address in Evernote, and every email related to the transaction comes up. I then just highlight them, and I get one large PDF file in chronological order.

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