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Google Plus Can Be Great for Your Real Estate Business ... IF

you understand Circles and quit using Google + like Facebook.


I've been on Google Plus now for a couple of weeks, and I like it. I like the current features, but mostly I like the idea that Google will be adding interactivity with other Google services, and once outside services are allowed to interact with it, there should be a lot of power there.

The other thing I love about Google + is Circles. It allows me to group people by common interests, or by a common link from employment, or by their relationship to me personally. That's the power of Google Plus Circles. I'm already finding that I'm removing people from my Circles, and it's primarily because they want to use Google + like Facebook. It's not.

I have a number of Circles, some with as few as a single member right now, and others with quite a few.

  • Real Estate
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Tech
  • Writing Clients

Those aren't in any particular order, but I will say that the largest circle is Real Estate. I meet a great many real estate related professionals through my articles here, as well as through my LinkedIn answers to questions, etc. So, that group is building the fastest, as they join Google + and recognize me. I also invited a large group from my Gmail contact list.

But, not all of those joining Google + are taking the time to understand features that make it different, and one of those is Circles. Grouping people the way I have, I can share items with them that I know will be of interest or value to them. While a very personal experience will be of interest to my Family Circle, and maybe Friends, it isn't going to be something that Tech geeky contacts will care about. And, I do some freelance writing for corporate and real estate investment companies, and they would definitely not be interested in the great new local restaurant I found.

However, I'm now finding that new Google Plus users may not care about how to use Circles, or they joined just to see what all they hoopla is about. Others joined, especially real estate contacts, because they think they must participate everywhere they can on the Web to build their business or "brand." None of those reasons are bad, but not understanding Circles is I think a major error.

I am already removing people from more than one of my Circles because they want to use Google + like Facebook. Immediately after placing them in a Circle, lets use Real Estate as an example, I'm getting shared items (real examples) like what their husband ate for breakfast, how hot it is today in their city, they have an appointment to show houses all day, and my personal favorite: a photo of their favorite drink at Starbucks.

Now, none of those examples came from anyone in my Family, Friends, or even Acquaintances Circles. They came mostly from people in my Real Estate and Tech Circles. When they start with these, I just remove them from my Circles. They don't know this, and I'm still in theirs, so they can see what I share. So, the real estate agent Circle member who shared their Starbucks photo with me will never know that it was the last thing I'll get from them on Google Plus. However, they'll still get real estate relevant shared items from me.

Google + is not Facebook. Don't use it like Facebook. Everyone isn't your "friend."

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