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Share Images With Your Voice Comments Easily and Quickly


A Seller Wants to Know Where on the Web You're Marketing Their Home:

Your seller calls or emails one day, and they think they remember some of the sites you were going to use to market their home, but they don't remember. Or maybe they just want to see if you're doing your job.

You can email them links to the pages, and that is a good solution. But what if you want to comment verbally as well? An online service called the Jing Project will allow you to build a quick video of screen shots with your voice overlay for comments.

A Buyer Can't Be There, But Wants Photos and Comments From You:

You have a buyer from out of the area, and they've asked some questions about a home that they need visually answered. The photos and virtual tour the listing brokerage has placed on the Web just doesn't get these questions answered.

You go out there and take a photo of the view from the master bedroom, and another of the gated entry at the road. Of course, you can go back and email the images to them. But, what if you need to clarify something? You can type it all in the email, or you can just capture the photos with your voice commentary. Again, this is what the Jing Project does.

How Does Jing Work?:

Once the application is downloaded and installed, a small yellow orb will appear at the top of your screen. Mousing over it will give you options to capture portions of your screen as a still image, or make a video of what you're doing as you go.

You can grab your headset and do voice commentary for your mini-video, currently a five minute limit. I took some old photos I had of a property in Northern NM, and I took about five minutes to build this video with comments.

How Did I Do That?:

I could have actually used the slide show preview function in my on-board camera software, but I had taken these photos a while back. They were on my hard drive, so I opened them in my photo software. I then placed them, one behind the other in the window. As I went through them and talked, I just closed each one, displaying the one behind it.

It took all of five minutes, at the end of which, I was given options. I could send it in an email as a link to its place on Screencast.com, or send a link in an Instant Message, place a link on my website, or embed the video in my blog.

How Much Does It Cost?:

Nothing at the time I'm writing this. This is an ongoing project, or a kind of beta development, and the Jing site states that later there will likely be a charge for the storage space on Screencast.com.

I use Screencast.com for video storage of training videos at a higher quality than I can get on YouTube. I currently pay $89 per year for a huge storage space, so I doubt that accounts for Jing will be expensive. At any rate, it's free now, so you might want to use it for a while.

Technology Tools Can Differentiate You In Your Market:

Whenever a technology tool that is low or no cost can help you to communicate better or better serve your customers, it's always worth an investigation. This one is no exception. If you think for a while, you can probably come up with other uses for it in your marketing or blogging.

I plan on doing some short video commentaries on market trend charts, as well as a short video of screen shots on how I prepare a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis. I bet that you can come up with some great ideas as well.

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