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Real Estate Software - Outlook Customized for Real Estate


Deliver Email to Your Phone:

An Outlook rule can be created that will automatically send important emails to your cell phone. You can set up rules to send emails from certain people or only those marked urgent.

Forward important emails to your cell phone as text messages.

Manage Transactions With Efficiency:

There is a way that you can quickly set up the many tasks for a closing transaction and get them into your tasks folder in Outlook. In the article at the link, you'll find a link to a residential transaction task sheet to start the process.

Using MS Excel and Outlook

Meet Federal Requirements with Email Archive:

Outlook rules can help you to archive emails for long-term storage to meet federal requirements for disclosure. Since many of our transactions fall under federal guidelines from HUD and EPA, etc., a legal action can require all email records to be provided.

Automatically file transaction-related emails.

Manage Contacts & Prospects:

Contact management has long been a part of Outlook. But with some easy customization, you can make Outlook a real estate prospect management powerhouse.

Buyer and seller prospect and contact management

Stay on Schedule and on Task:

With some customization of the views in Outlook, you can dramatically increase your efficiency and tracking of tasks and appointments.

Book with step by step instructions.

Save Money on Software:

If you take some time and learn the ways to customize Microsoft Outlook to your needs as a real estate agent or broker, you may find that it will do an amazing number of things for your business.
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