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Bring all of your daily meetings, calls, and tasks into one iPad app.

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Pocket Informant for iPad

Pocket Informant for iPad


The Bottom Line

For those who have an iPad or iPhone, this application brings all of your daily activities and time scheduling items into one easy to access place. It works behind the scenes to keep you synced with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Toodledo for events and tasks. It will definitely make viewing your day's activities and tasks easier.


  • All requirements on your day's time in one place.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Integrates with Toodledo for task management.
  • Color and icons can be assigned to calendar or task items.
  • Supports GTD management system.


  • Wish it could stand alone for multiple task import, instead of needing Toodledo.


  • Combine calendar events, meetings, and scheduled calls with tasks in one place.
  • Filter items by type or time frame.
  • Multiple calendar views for Day, Week, Month, Today, and Agenda.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar for calendar events and Toodledo for tasking.
  • Time bars show free and busy time.
  • Full search capability to locate items.
  • Tappable phone links in notes, as well as icon and color coding of items.
  • Supports all types of recurring events and tasks.
  • Event location mapping and email items to others.
  • Desktop direct Outlook sync.

Guide Review - Bring all of your daily meetings, calls, and tasks into one iPad app.

If you've been reading my articles here about time management, tasking and calendars, you'll know that I've written about Google Calendar and several tasking managers. One of those was Toodledo, which I was using when this app came out for the iPad. I've also written a lot about how the iPad is helping me to better manage my real estate business. There is also an iPhone app.

When we're not busy, real estate professionals are trying to market and get busy. When we are busy, there are a myriad of tasks and scheduled demands on our time. Dropping the ball on a client service item isn't something we want to happen, so we've all spent a lot of time in setting up calendar and task management systems. I've used Google Calendar for a long time, as it allows me to easily manage meetings, phone calls, and other scheduled events. I have tried multiple task management systems, and finally settled on Toodledo because it allows me to set up groups of transaction tasks that can be cloned. This allows me to set up a new transaction very quickly after a contract deal is reached.

Pocket Informant syncs with my Google Calendar and my Toodledo account to bring all of my daily items, schedules, events and tasks into one place. I can select which Google Calendars I want to sync with as well. The app also supports the GTD, Getting Things Done system, if you use it. This is the first time that I can open one application and see everything I need to know in one place about what's happening or what I need to do for today, this week, or this month.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, I highly recommend this application, though full value will require that you open a Toodledo account. The free version does a lot, but I find that the small annual cost for the fully functional Toodledo account is best for me.

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