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Using Onebox.com for Voicemail, Transcription, Online Faxing and Call Recording

Bringing Several Services Together for Efficiency & Customer Service

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Multiple Online Services

Multiple Online Services

Onebox.com caught my attention because it could do for me what my Google Voice number was doing, plus do online faxing that I was paying for with another service. Multiple services in one package always is an attraction for me, especially if I can save money and be more efficient. Here are my experiences getting set up with Onebox.com.

Call Routing, Voicemail & Recording

I've used Google Voice for a couple of years for call routing to ring both my desk phone and cell phone simultaneously. I could have more phones in the routing structure, and have the calls actually go from one to the other. Google Voice takes a message if I don't answer. I also recorded phone calls when I interviewed people. Unfortunately, I could only record incoming calls, not outgoing.

When I discovered Onebox, I found that it offers the same call routing functionality, with the same simultaneous ringing or in sequence. If I don't answer, Onebox plays a custom or system message and records the caller's message. Though I've only been using the service for a few days, I've tested it multiple times, and the routing and messaging work great. I was able to port over my local number, but I could have selected a toll free number instead. Setup was done in less than a half an hour.

As far as call recording, Onebox allows it with the press of a key for either inbound or outbound calls. It's better than Google Voice in another way as well. Google Voice is a VOIP service, meaning Voice Over Internet Protocol. Thus the call is coming over the Web and my Wifi. This introduces a delay that causes people to talk over each other, and also can have gaps and noise that hurts recording quality. Onebox isn't VOIP, so those drawbacks are not present.

Notifications and Voice Transcription

As did Google Voice, Onebox allows me to have my voicemails delivered to my email and also as a text message to my cell phone. There were a couple of hiccups at the beginning, but support personnel straightened them out for me, and I will say that their phone support is quite good.

One of the most valuable features of Google Voice for me was supposed to be the delivery of voicemail message text transcriptions to my email and cell phone. That way I should have been able to just read the text instead of calling in to hear the call for most messages. The voice file was however attached to the email to be played on the computer. The only problem was that Google Voice's voice transcription was REALLY BAD! Accuracy for even simple words was low.

I have found the Onebox voice transcription to be much more accurate, actually as useful as I envisioned it should be. A message is left, and I get an email and text message transcription that is easy to quickly read and make a decision about a call back or other action.

Online Faxing

Prior to Onebox, I was using MyFax.com, and had for several years. At $9.95/month, it was well worth it, as I could send faxes online, with email, and received them as attached PDF files in emails. It is a great service. However, the chance to tie in online faxing with other services made Onebox a viable replacement service.

Onebox allows you to attach most any kind of file to a fax message and send from their online interface. When you receive a fax, and that's at the same number as your regular calls, the system will forward it to your email address of choice. So, I was able to offset some of the cost of the Onebox service by cancelling Myfax. You also receive email and/or SMS text message notification of faxes received.

Other Services, Pricing & My Recommendations

There are other features and services that are a part of basic pricing or as addons. You'll need to check which are in which status, as I found their website unclear and I didn't get everything I thought I would for the base price. Voice transcription is extra, as is call recording. However, the rest is a part of the basic price. I'm spending a reasonable amount to get everything I've described and these other features:

  • Tasking - There is a task system which I haven't tried yet, but it will notify you of due dates, meetings and other deadlines.
  • Calendar - Right now the calendar function is labeled "Coming Soon."
  • Email - There is a full email system as part of the service, though I'm not using it. It will sync with other email accounts. Distribution lists are available as well.
  • Contacts and Address Book

The base Executive Service is priced at $19.95/month, and most Real Estate professionals will do well with that, but it's around $5.99 more per month for 40 transcribed voicemails. Overall, I'm thinking that once I get fully involved with this service, it will be well worth the cost for me.

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Onebox Problems, Member jimkimmons

I'm writing this as an extension of my own review. It seems that the sales person at Onebox was either misinformed or something, as they could not port my existing Google Voice number. After just over a week, I cancelled and went back to my previous services.

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