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The Consulting Close of the Listing Presentation


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Using the Consulting Approach - You Should Ask Questions Also
Too many real estate agents think that a listing presentation is mostly about the seller prospect asking them questions and the agent "showing their wares". Think about your last visit to a doctor, attorney or accountant. Probably they did most of the questioning. And they likely did not roll out a show of all their services.

Think of the seller as your client with a problem. Their problem is that they have a home that they would like to sell, or that they need to sell. By asking them questions, you will find out about:

• Their reasons and urgency for selling

• What they expect from you and your company

• Concerns about property condition and required enhancements

• Concerns about the cost of the process

• Their fears of disclosure of negative facts

By all means, let them ask any questions they want, but go in with a script of the questions you need to ask in order to serve them well as clients. It's usually best to try and get them to let you get some facts at the beginning. You take control this way and they'll usually get all their questions answered anyway. It will just be in the framework of a consultant helping them with problems, rather than a real estate agent fighting for their listing.

Remember that earlier you told them you were different....now you're showing them how.

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