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A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Listing Agent


Check the Hot Sheet of MLS Recent Activity Report:

A real estate listing agent, once they're at their desk, will probably want to check the recent MLS activity report or hot sheet. With their listing clients counting on their market knowledge and guidance, knowing about recent price changes, sales or new listings is a must.

• Here's what you should be watching for on this report.

Prepare for a Listing Presentation to Seller Prospects:

A listing agent wouldn't be one without listings. Thus it's important, when given the opportunity to discuss listing seller prospects' homes, that the agent go in prepared and present a professional and competent appearance.

• Know how to prepare a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

• The elements required for a Comprehensive Listing Presentation.

Take the Consultant Approach in a Listing Presentation Appointment:

Too many real estate agents go into a listing presentation in "high sales mode", showing off themselves, their brokerage and services willy-nilly.

• How to be the respected professional consultant and get the listing.

Hold an Open House for a Listing Client:

There are a great many considerations in holding an open house for your listing. Not only security, but marketing and other factors need to be carefully planned.

• Planning and Holding a Safe and Successful Open House.

Qualify Potential Buyer Clients Before Showing a Listing:

If you're lucky enough to have a potential buyer that wants to see one of your listings, be sure that your enthusiasm doesn't conflict with the best interests of your seller clients.

• Qualifying Buyers for Your Listings

Touch Base with Your Sellers, Answer Questions and Address Concerns:

Every listing agent should set aside time for regular follow-up with their clients. Whether you call them or they call you, at times you'll have to deal with concerns or complaints.

• How to Deal with Seller Problems with Their Listing.

A Real Estate Listing Agent Wears a Lot of Hats:

As a listing agent, you're representing your seller clients from the readying of their home for sale, through the showings and contract negotiations and on to the many details of closing.

In every facet of your listing client services, you want to present a professional and helpful business approach. Be there for them, advise them in their best interests and get their home sold.

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