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Providing Services for Sellers of Real Estate

In real estate we only have two types of customers, buyers and sellers. Their needs are, of course, very different and we'll look here at what sellers of real estate want from us and how we can provide it.

Open the Door to Your Open House, Take Some Precautions
Know the basic precautionary steps to take before you allow that first open house visitor through the door. Don't be alone, guard your back, check doors and windows and keep keys handy.

Talk to Your Sellers About Absorption Rates
If you want to get the listing, no matter what the listing price, then don't read this. If you actually want to have a chance of selling the home, talk about absorption rate with the listing prospect.

The Ugly Side of Your Blog's Online Real Estate Listings
The debate will likely never end as to whether to put your listings on your blog. I side with those who say you should not. But there are plenty in the other camp. Learn the downside.

Sellers Who Know The Score Can Compete Against Foreclosure Listings
Foreclosure listings can be daunting to the seller of a home. They look like bargains to many buyers, and there can be many of them as competition during down real estate markets. Smart sellers know that they do have advantages.

The Listing Interview Done Right – Who's Asking the Questions?
Do you want to double or triple your listing appointment success? Turn their “interview” around and become the consultant.

The Listing Appointment - Who’s Doing the Interviewing?
We don’t sell homes, but we do sell our skills and experience. Learn what most of us are doing wrong.

Staging Homes for Sale - The Basics
Home staging is the process of preparing a home to show in its very best light. This is beyond cleaning. Clutter and personal items are removed, furniture is re-positioned, and items might even be added from rental sources. Learn the basics of staging homes here.

Should "Bury St. Joseph" Be On Your Listing Task List?
The St. Joseph Statue for real estate sellers is quite a popular strategy, with increasing use during slow real estate sales periods. What's it all about, and should real estate agents advise that sellers bury St. Joseph in the yard for a faster home sale?

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Listing Agent
A real estate agent that handles listings will be involved in a myriad of details and activities. From checking the morning hot sheet, to doing comparative market analysis and making listing presentations, the listing agent is kept quite busy.

Is the Property You're Listing Able to be Sold?
It's pretty disappointing to the Seller and not good for the real estate agent to list a property, market it, and get an offer accepted from a willing buyer, only to find out that there's a problem with the title, survey or access on a property. This problem is mostly in rural areas with properties that have been in the family or current ownership for many years. It is imperative that you help your client by gathering all the documents they have at listing time for examination.

Offering a Warranty to Your Listing Clients
Some real estate agents are getting an advantage in their listing presentations by offering an opt-out warranty if the seller isn't satisfied with their services. There are opinions on both sides, but it could be for you.

Addressing Concerns of Your Listing Clients
Real estate listing agents spend a great deal of time following up with their listing clients. In these conversations, many times the seller has concerns, questions or complaints that must be addressed.

What Sellers Want from Their Real Estate Agent
Don't rely on your assumptions. See what actual sellers say they want from their real estate agent.

Things to Tell Your Listing Clients for a Smoother Process
Tell your listing clients about low offers, disclosure document procedures, closing costs, inspection challenges and repair negotiations at the beginning of the listing for a smoother listing and transaction.

Real Estate Agent Preparation for a Listing Presentation.
Before you get in front of that listing prospect, be sure you have your ducks in a row. You're presenting your experience, expertise, marketing and transactions services.

The Consulting Close of the Listing Presentation
Real estate agents and brokers are called upon regularly to meet with sellers as listing prospects. Whether they're friends, referrals or just a call on the phone, know how to conduct yourself at the listing presentation.

The Flyer that Converts Expired Listings - A Different Approach
Many an agent has built their new career on contacting expired listings and impressing them with their ability to do better than the last real estate agent or broker. The consultive approach, with straight-forward information and a formula to help you introduce hard facts about property condition and pricing is presented in this hard-hitting flyer.

Hot Sheet Items to Check for Your Listing Clients
Real estate agents daily check what's called a hotsheet, or recent activity report from their MLS system. It shows new listings, status changes, price changes, etc. There are certain things that an agent wants to watch for their listing clients.

Qualifying Buyers from a Seller Side Perspective
When working as a listing agent, you are showing your clients' property to prospective buyers. To better serve your sellers, you want to be sure that the prospects you're bringing to the listing are able financially to purchase and at least have some basic level of interest.

Explaining Your Marketing to the New Listing Client
It's unfortunate that so much time and effort is spent dealing with concerned sellers about marketing and what is and isn't working in their perception. If real estate agents and brokers would be clear at the beginning as to what they will be doing and how it works, their sellers would be happier.

Don't Leave Your CMA Without a Signed Listing Agreement
We all do business every day with companies that have their policies under which they operate. It's OK for you, as an independent business person, to have policies also. Your CMA is a "work product" that comes from your knowledge and resources. If you leave a listing presentation without a signed listing agreement, then your policy should be to not leave your CMA.

Elements of an Effective Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
A good comparative market analysis is simply defined as one that helps to yield an accurate and reasonable listing price for a property. However, easily defined and easily produced are not the same. A good CMA requires attention to detail, mathematical skills, experience and a bit of creative thinking.

Clear the "New Agent" Hurdle in the Listing Presentation
We all have to start somewhere, but the customer might have a problem with it. Learn what to say to jump the "new agent" hurdle in your listing presentations.

How to Plan and Hold a Real Estate Open House
When an open house is appropriate for a residential property, learn the steps to properly plan, market and hold it.

Open the Door to Your Open House, Take Some Precautions
Know the basic precautionary steps to take before you allow that first open house visitor through the door.

Field Guide to Open Houses (NAR Information Central)
The National Association of Realtors® has prepared a Field Guide to Open Houses. There's no substitute for experience, and NAR capitalizes on the knowledge of their member base to prepare these field guides.

Sellers Should be Educated on the Problems with Accompanied Showings
As fast as some things seem to be changing in real estate, others seem to hang on long after they should have been retired. There's no value in accompanied showings, and they can actually be a detriment to the sale of a home.

Real Estate Listings Due Diligence Avoids Problems Later
When a real estate professional lists a home or other real estate for sale, it should be normal procedure to do a lot of due diligence and document gathering to be sure that the property can be sold, and that buyers will have the information they need to make an offer.

8 Tips for Representing Sellers In a Short Sale
While short sales are becoming more common, and lenders are overwhelmed with foreclosures, it's still far from a slam-dunk in getting one through the process. If you're going to handle short sales for seller clients, it's critical to thoroughly understand the process, the lenders, their motivations and procedures, and how to handle your...

Open Houses - One-sided Benefits for Agents
Open houses will probably always be around, but it certainly isn't because they're a value to sellers.

1 in 4 Homeowners Have Buyer's Remorse
The survey of 2,027 adults over the age of 18 tells us that 25% of homeowners say that they wish they hadn't purchased their home, and they wouldn't buy it if they had it to do over again.

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