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Daily Responsibilities of a Buyer Agent


Review of the Daily MLS Hot Sheet or Activity Report:

Working with a number of buyers, all with different property requirements, is normal for a real estate buyer agent. It is critically important that you know the current status of the market and what properties are coming on, going off and changing prices.

Top Buyer Items in the Daily Activity Report.

Answer Web Leads and Property Inquiry Emails:

If you're not giving your internet inquiries top priority, you're losing future business. There are very successful agents and brokers that do almost all of their business from the web. Knowing how to quickly and efficiently handle your email correspondence is a must!

Don't Make These Business-Losing Email Mistakes!

Interviewing and Qualifying Buyer Prospects:

Your hours of work, commission income and frustration level are all highly dependent on this activity. If you know what you want from your real estate buyer representation business, you should know how to qualify buyers for motivation and urgency.

Qualifying Buyers for Satisfaction and Profit.

Educating Buyer Clients is a Buyer Agent Responsibility:

Helping your buyers to understand the process, from viewing the home through the negotiations to a contract, will make your life a lot easier. It may also get some deals written and accepted that might have blown up without the education.

Things to Tell Your Buyers Before the Offer.

What Your Buyers Need to Know in the Negotiation Phase.

Planning Property Showings for Buyers:

If you're just printing out listing sheets, getting directions and hitting the bricks, you're leaving out planning activities that can help you to better serve your clients, as well as increase your chances of a commission at the end. We aren't talking about rocket science, but we do want to take basic steps to impress our buyers with our market knowledge and ability to get them to the home of their dreams.

Step-by-Step to Successful Property Showings.

Showing Properties - From Starting the Car to Wrapping it Up:

We've planned, interviewed, qualified and researched. Now we're to the task of actually exposing our buyer clients to the homes that they've selected to view. A good deal of credibility has been built up prior to this point, so don't make mistakes in the showings that will dilute the professional image you've been building.

Showing Homes from Beginning to Wrap-up.

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