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Providing Services for Buyers of Real Estate

Real estate buyers' needs are, of course, quite different from the needs of sellers. Learn what surveys of actual buyers show that they require from their real estate agent and how we can provide it.

Have You Calculated Your Real Estate Buyer ROI?
Gone are the days that validate the saying "You live or die by your listings." The real estate buyer is more valuable than ever, and most Realtors haven't calculated their real estate buyer ROI.

Real Estate Buyers & the Buyers Agent - Not Liars But Maybe Clueless
Most have said it, and all have thought it; "real estate buyers are liars." It's not usually the case, but more one of not understanding our role and the way that the market and negotiations work. Here's how to work with them.

A Foreclosure Negotiation With The Bank - A Real Life Example
If you aren't familiar with representing clients in foreclosure purchases, you can get a bit frustrated with the lender or bank in the process. Here's a real life example of a negotiation.

Home Prices Falling and Building Costs Up - What Do You Buy?
This is a slam-dunk. When it's costing more to build a home, while existing home prices are falling, buy an existing home, not a new one!

Serve Your Client by Discussing Condominium Fees Before Offers
Condo fees can take homeowners into foreclosure. Discuss occupancy rates with your buyers as they relate to fixed fees for condominium operation and maintenance.

Buyer Agency and Buyer Brokerage- The Internet Helps
Buyer agency and buyer brokerage have come into their own in real estate. Learn why the great amount of information on the Internet is actually a positive thing.

It's Time to Give Buyer Agency It's Due
A buyer agent has more value to offer their clients than ever before. Find out how that works, how to prepare for it and how to present it for signature.

Buyer Representation is Great - Getting the Agreement Signed
The very trends that make most real estate agents cry are ones that can make your buyer representation business take off. Learn how to get that buyer agency agreement signed.

Buyer Agency, Showing FSBO's and Implied Agency Liability
Want to get a buyer agency agreement signed and show FSBO's? Handling the liability of implied agency - one strategy.

Why Buyers Will Jump on a Buyer Representation Agreement
If you're not using buyer representation, or agency, agreements, you're missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity.

A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent
Buyer agency or buyer representation has been increasing in importance and use for a number of years. Even if a real estate agent works with both buyers and sellers, this description of some of their daily activities will apply to how they work with real estate buyers.

Planning Property Showings for Real Estate Buyers
If you're working with real estate buyers, you're showing properties. If you have buyers who want to view homes, here are the steps to setting up home showings for efficiency and to best serve the buyer clients.

Reasons for Working With Buyers Under a Buyer Representation Agreement
Every real estate agent or broker that works with buyers has experienced the pain of losing a buyer to the listing agent or another company. But that's only one of several reasons to work with buyer clients under a buyer representation agreement. There are reasons good for them as well as you.

Qualifying Buyers from a Buyer Side Perspective
Qualifying a buyer is a term that is used frequently by agents and brokers in the real estate business. The most obvious connotation is in relation to their ability to purchase. However, that isn't the only context or situation in which you might use the term.

Hot Sheet Items to Check for Your Buyer Clients
When working with buyers, knowing the market is critical. Market changes are reflected in the "hot sheet", or recent activity report provided to real estate agents by their MLS software. It should be a daily activity for agents to check expired, withdrawn, sold, and new listings, as well as price changes.

What Buyers Want from Their Real Estate Agent
Actual home buyers tell us the services they most value and want from their real estate professional.

Showing Homes to Real Estate Buyers Step by Step
A professional and knowledgeable approach to showing homes will gain the respect and trust of your buyers. It isn't about "selling" them a home. It's about locating the perfect home for them and letting them make a purchase decision based on your help and information.

Things to Tell Your Real Estate Buyer Clients Early On
Real estate deals fall through for a lot of reasons. Don't let yours be for not educating your buyer clients early in the process about what to expect. Explain inspections, the loan process, appraisals, negotiations, local codes, and anything else that might require a decision on their part during the process.

Things Real Estate Buyers Need to Know Before the Offer
We're not talking about necessarily what a buyer "wants" to know, but what you need to tell them before you formulate a purchase offer for a property.

Different Characteristics of the Internet Buyer
Buyers who use the internet to search for real estate have different requirements than those who call you or walk into the office. Learn what they want and cater to them.

Fannie Mae Homepath Renovation Mortgages for Your Wanna-Be Buyers
Do you have wanna-be buyers, but they can't scrape up the down payment, or have a blemish on their credit, or can afford a foreclosure but not the renovations? Help them, and help yourself to a commission by turning them on to a Fannie Mae Homepath Renovation Mortgage.

Survey of Online Site Visitors by Gender to Get Home Feature …
ZipRealty did a survey of around 1000 of their online site visitors and published the results in mid 2010. The survey asked what features and characteristics buyers preferred in a home, and was broken out by gender.

Does List to Last mean that listing agents are more productive?
One argument that "list to last" proponents make is that a listing agent is more productive; can handle more listings than a buyer can handle buyers. I disagree if you're working with the right buyers.

Buyer Agents Be Flattered by Commission Cut Requests
Buyer agents should welcome being asked to cut their commission late in negotiations because it means they're doing their job.

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