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Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name


With millions of sites on the internet, It's easy to disappear. Your domain name is how people get to your site. Let's look at the important considerations in choosing a domain name.

1. It shouldn't be your name.

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Though you should own the real estate domain name for your name, that shouldn't be the primary way people find your site. With annual domain name registration costs running under $10, you should register your name and point it to your site. However, it's highly likely that few real estate shoppers know your name. Let's look at some important domain name selection criteria.

2. KISS - Keep It Short and Simple

"TheVeryBestRealEstateAgentInMyTown.com" might sound good to you, but it's a lot to remember and type for your prospects. Shorter is better, even if you can't say exactly what you want. The only exception to this rule might be if the name of your town is long...see the next item.

3. For real estate, your town or area is important.

Real estate truly is local. People look for homes in places. Try to incorporate your city name or area into your domain name. This is also good for search engines. With a name highly related to the content of your site, you'll fare better with search engines and real estate shoppers.

4. Dashes for search engines, none for users.

Actual tests have shown a small advantage in the search engines for domain names with dashes, as your-town-real-estate.com. As domain registration is inexpensive, get the dashed name as well as yourtownrealestate.com. The name without dashes is easier for users, so it should be the main domain on your servers. Point the dashed domain for the search engines.

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