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Point2Agent Websites for Real Estate Professionals

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The Bottom Line

If you want a full web presence with blogging as a part of the site, and static web pages as the predominate content, then I believe Point2Agent is one of the best solutions out there.


  • Customizable template sites allow for individualization.
  • Blog can be an integral part of the site.
  • Listing syndication is a function of the service.


  • Listing syndication isn't always done for all sites mentioned.
  • Blog customization is very limited.


  • Template site - but with a number of customization options that allow a very individual site look.
  • Blogging at Pro level - for a ready-to-go blog, or even multiple blogs as part of your site.
  • Syndication of listings - a list of major real estate portals that your listings should appear on for marketing.
  • Listing brochures and presentations - once data & images are entered, a nice PDF brochure is produced.

Guide Review - Point2Agent Websites for Real Estate Professionals

With several years of experience on a Point2Agent site for my real estate business, I always felt that their solution was one of the best, particularly when they offered a blog as part of the site. Of course, the blog was only included at Professional Level ($49.95/month), but it was well worth it to me. Blogging with regular posts propelled my site to a pagerank of 5 at one point.

Syndication of your listings is an absolute requirement in today's Internet-intensive real estate search environment. P2A provides a long list of sites to which they say they syndicate. My complaint was that they didn't all happen. Some of the sites supposedly didn't participate in my remote area, but I always believed that a data feed was just that, so I should have had the same syndication in Taos, NM as someone in New York City. This could be fixed now, so check with their sales personnel to see just what syndication you'll get in your area.

If a template site solution is in your plans, P2A certainly deserves a careful examination. My star rating is not to compare P2A to other template sites, as it would get 4 stars if so. It is more to give you an idea of where I believe it sits in today's environment when compared to blogging solutions for a total web presence.

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 5 out of 5
Best Value: User- and Broker- Friendly Websites, Member Andynan

Point2 consistently delivers more leads than any other system we've tried. Their websites are not only affordable, but also very easy to update and maintain even for a non-technology person. You have total control over which tools to use and where to advertise your listings. After 3 years we would not want to go anywhere else. It really works for us.

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