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Real Estate Investing Without Cash

There are strategies that will allow you to invest in real estate without cash.


Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

There are many ways to invest in real estate. Real estate investing can be for either short term profits or long term rental cash flow. Many people would love to be real estate investors, but they lack the cash for down payments and think that buying and holding or buying and flipping are the only ways to make money. This isn't true.

There are strategies for real estate investing without cash. You can start for as little as the cost of a few hundred business cards. This isn't an article about "easy money." While there are ways to get started in real estate investing with just your desire and some legwork, it isn't easy, but it can turn into cash in your pocket in a short period of time.

There are gurus everywhere, on TV, in print and on the Internet who teach all of these methods. You can learn a lot from real estate investment websites, but be careful about paying for very expensive course or mentoring. Others have learned the hard way that, no matter how much the instructor knows and teaches you, it's still up to you to go out and implement it.

What are some of the techniques that will allow you to make money from real estate without having any money to start?

  • Bird Dogging
  • Assignments
  • Lease Options
  • Sandwich Leases
  • Partnering

In this article I'll give you an overview of these techniques, how they work, and how some real estate investors are using them for cash income early in their investing businesses. Let's look at Bird Dogging first on the next page.

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