1. Money

Taking a Real Estate Career from Agent through a Large Brokerage Operation


Grow your real estate practice from a one person show through a large brokerage with branches using these resources for management and marketing.
  1. Serving Sellers
  2. Serving Buyers
  3. Print, Phone and Relationship Marketing
  4. Websites, Email and E-Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  6. Blogs, Blogging and How to Be Successful At It
  7. Social & Business Networks
  1. Technology for Real Estate
  2. Professional Development & Ethics
  3. Commercial Real Estate
  4. Brokerage Office Management
  5. Brokerage Liability and Risk
  6. Property Management for Investors and Real Estate Professionals

Serving Sellers

Learn what sellers want and need from us and how to deliver superior client service.

Serving Buyers

Buyers can make you rich in today's Internet world. Learn how to make that happen.

Print, Phone and Relationship Marketing

While you're building an effective Web presence, don't forget the tried and true marketing practices that still work.

Websites, Email and E-Marketing

How to develop an Internet presence that isn't just a billboard. Your website and email practices can bring you huge amounts of business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization does not need to be your focus in website design and content. Learn what will work long term and how to do it naturally.

Blogs, Blogging and How to Be Successful At It

Master real estate blogging and seal your future real estate business success.

Social & Business Networks


The Internet is evolving at super speed, and the fastest growing Web applications have been the social and business networks. These include MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Their growth has been phenomenal, and how each is used can vary quite a bit. While MySpace and Facebook are primarily social in nature, LinkedIn is decidedly business oriented. Twitter is evolving so rapidly, it's impossible to state what it may become. Business has discovered Twitter, and Realtors are rapidly adopting it as well. Learn about these networks here.

Technology for Real Estate

Technology tools that are useful for communication, management and marketing....and many are FREE!

Professional Development & Ethics

Long term referral and repeat business are your goal. Develop your professionalism and ethical practices to make it happen.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate practice has been a profitable and satisfying niche for many over the years. See if it's for you, and how to get it going.

Brokerage Office Management

Don't go from little to big and back to little again because of poor business practices. Tools and knowledge are here to operate a real estate brokerage.

Brokerage Liability and Risk

Real estate transactions are complex, and complexity brings risk. Learn how to manage risk for success.

Property Management for Investors and Real Estate Professionals

Whether you're a real estate investor with rental properties, or a real estate agent or broker, the business of property management requires a great deal of knowledge of legal issues, landlord-tenant relations, property maintenance and construction and more. Use this section as a resource for property management information.

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