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What Are the Types of Deeds to Convey Title in Real Estate?


The vast majority of real estate transactions use four major types of deeds to convey title. The difference in the types of deeds is primarily the covenants and warranties conveyed by the grantor to the grantee. They vary from few-to-none to significant warranties conveyed in a general warranty deed.

1. The General Warranty Deed

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The General Warranty Deed provides the highest level of protection for the buyer. There are significant covenants or warranties conveyed by the grantor to the buyer/grantee.

2. The Special Warranty Deed

The Special Warranty Deed doesn't provide as much protection for the buyer as does the general warranty deed. The grantor provides fewer warranties.

3. The Bargain and Sale Deed

With the Bargain and Sale deed, the buyer gets no protection from encumbrances. This deed type has very specialized uses.

4. The Quitclaim Deed

The Quitclaim Deed provides the least protection for the buyer of the four main types. Its uses are very limited.

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