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All About The Business of Real Estate - Real Estate Basics

Get some real estate basics and history here. Learn about property types and specialization areas chosen by real estate agents and brokers, as well as associations and MLS's. See how commissions work.
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Lease Purchase and the Real Estate Agent
Especially when home inventory is high, real estate agents shouldn't be avoiding the lease purchase option for buyers and sellers. Learn how you can get compensated.

Lease Purchase for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate
Using a least purchase agreement can be beneficial to both buyers and sellers of real estate. Learn why and how here.

What Are the Types of Deeds to Convey Title in Real Estate?
Types of deeds used to convey real estate. Learn types of deeds and what each conveys from grantor to grantee.

Top 3 Major Types of Real Estate Property
Basic description of the major types of real property as marketed by real estate agents and brokers. Vacant land, residential, commercial, and multi-family are included.

Top 8 Additional Duties for A Licensed Real Estate Assistant
A licensed real estate assistant will add additional abilities, as most real estate licensing boards limit what an un-licensed assistant can do. These include document preparation, advice and interpretation, delivery of financial and title documents. attending closings and telephone marketing.

Top 10 Permitted Duties of an Un-licensed Real Estate Assistant
Take care in assigning duties to an unlicensed real estate assistant, or if you are one, make sure you know what you are allowed to do according to your state's regulations. In most states, an un-licensed assistant cannot discuss property specifics, advise clients, or draft documents.

Be Clear with Your Client as to Whether It's a Survey or Something Else
Don't let the client's lack of knowledge and terminology carry over into your work with them. Most clients will think they're getting a survey in a property exchange. In many cases, they're getting an Improvement Location Certificate, Report or some other named variation. This is not a full survey and carries limited use restrictions and limited liability for the surveyor. It identifies the location of property lines, improvements and encroachments.

Real Estate Agents as Statutory Independent Contractors
The vast majority of real estate agents are independent contractors. This is a statutory status rather than common-law. The right of control and the 20 tests of the Internal Revenue Service to determine if one is an employee or independent contractor do not apply.

Reasons that We're in the Service Business More than Sales
Though many believe that sales experience or ability is the most important requirement for being a real estate agent or broker, this is really a service business. Though you will be selling yourself and your services to prospective clients, what you're providing to them for your commission is service.

Land Brokerage Transaction Types
Real estate land brokerage transactions consist of farms, ranches, undeveloped tracts, development, subdivision and site selection.

Commercial Real Estate Property Types
Top types of commercial real estate properties as handled by real estate agents and brokers. From multi-family apartments to office, retail, industrial, and institutional properties, this is a large segment of total real estate ownership transfers each year.

House Styles and Home Architecture
Home styles and architecture are amazingly varied. Styles are frequently related to the area or climate. Click to view extensive style photos and architectural features of each.

Pulblic Land Survey System Diagram
This is an excellent tutorial about how land is measured and surveyed. See what constitutes hectares, sections, quarters and acres.

NAR: Education: Accredited Designations & Courses
Professional designations sponsored by the National Association of Realtors® that indicate a real estate agent or broker has increased their knowledge with special education and passed requirements to receive the designation.

NAR: Law & Policy: 2006 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
Print, read and understand the National Association 2006 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

A Decade of Amazing Changes in the Business of Real Estate
We're ending a decade, and there's never been one as dramatic in history. From 2000 through 2009, there have been amazing changes in every facet of real estate brokerage, and even more so in home prices and the mortgage markets.

Right or Wrong - My Calls for the Next Decade in Real Estate
As we enter the year 2010, and a new decade, what's in store for the real estate professional, the markets, and the consumer? It's not something anyone can tell you for sure, but there are certainly some interesting possibilities.

A Decade of Transition for Real Estate - And Another to Come
A roller coaster can't hold a candle to home prices during the last decade. And, when it comes to real estate brokerage, marketing, and just plain survival in the business, it's been a really bumpy ride the last few years. Let's take a look at the amazing changes in the decade 2000-2009, then peek into the future to see what the next decade might bring.

The Realtors® Federal Credit Union
Realtors Federal Credit Union

So, Where's the Housing Market Going?
One survey or market report says the housing market is getting better, another says it's stagnant. The American people definitely have their opinion.

Government Violations of Real Property Rights-Stay Informed
Real estate professionals should be constantly vigilant as to new laws, rules and regulations that have an impact on real property rights. New EPA rules expand the agency's powers significantly.

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