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Real Estate Farming in the Internet World

Contact those neighborhood buyers and sellers in new and effective ways.


Real estate farming of neighborhoods has always been a very effective tool for success. However, in today's mobile and Internet world, we must adapt to achieve maximum success when farming neighborhoods. This series of articles is going to bring you new ideas and real estate farming tools for success. And, even more exciting, most of them are free or very low cost.

1. Don't Stop What Works - Real Estate Postcard Farming Can Be Effective

Though the rest of the articles in this series are all about new technology and Internet tools for real estate neighborhood farming, we don't necessarily have to throw out established successful direct mail tools. If postcard real estate neighborhood farming is something you'd like to try, read this article for some best practices.

2. The Transition From the Mailed Piece to Your Website or Blog

Using both direct mail and your website or blog together is the way to go in today's real estate farming. Your mail pieces, whether letters or postcards, should direct the recipient to your website or blog for more information and property searches. However, remember that we're real estate farming a neighborhood, so why send them to your home page? Learn in this article how to direct them to where you'll get better lead generation results.

3. Real Estate Farming With New Lead Cultivation Tools

We've discussed direct mail and moving the recipient from mail to your Internet presence. Now let's learn how to construct that presence for the best visitor experience and what to offer there that will entice them to give you their contact information and stay with you until they're ready to buy or sell real estate.

4. Community Blogging as a Real Estate Farming Practice

Real estate blogging and farming can work really well together. By blogging about community, neighborhoods and subdivisions, your blog categories can group information by area. When you do direct mail to a specific neighborhood, you can direct the recipient to the specific portion of your blog that speaks to that area. You can also solicit post material from neighborhood and subdivision associations.

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