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What's In a Real Estate Ad Title? - Your Future Income!

Use 'Em (Good Titles) or Lose 'Em (Good Prospects)


When professional writers, particularly those writing advertising copy, first begin their careers, they take courses on effective headlines and title text. This is a huge part of a successful marketing piece, whether a direct mailer or an internet pitch.

Unfortunately, too many real estate professionals use the same old tired headlines for their listing advertisements. Too many just throw in the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or they start with the old "Value Priced Gem in xxxxx Area." When there are a lot of homes for sale, there can be a lot of very similarly titled ads competing for the prospect's attention.

Humans also exhibit certain very well-documented traits when it comes to the words that generate certain responses. If you want the reader of your real estate home advertisement to actually read it, you need to elicit that desired response from their reading of your headline. Though I don't think it's the end-all of answers, a tool I've found useful is located at the Advanced Marketing Institute website. You type in the headline you're thinking of using, and the site gives it a score for how effective it is in using words with Intellectual, Spiritual and Empathetic impact on readers.

The score is a percentage representing what they call the EMV, or Emotional Marketing Value of the text. According to the site, good professional copywriters use headlines that consistently score between 30% and 40%, with the most gifted scoring between 50% and 75%. I can tell you that it's very hard to hit that level in our business. However, I've done it, and can definitely keep most of my headlines between 25% and 35%. Try this free tool, and here are some example scores for real estate related headlines:

  • "Work and Play Close By" - 0.00%
  • "Beautiful Home on Lakefront Acreage" - 40.00% for Empathetic & Spiritual Words
  • "Live at the Top of the Road" - 14.29% for Empathetic
  • "Large Home - Corner Location" - 20.00% for Empathetic
  • "Don't Pass This Home Up" - 0.00%
  • "Jewel of the Cul de Sac" - 50% for Spiritual
  • "Child Safety and Privacy" - 50.00% for Intellectual

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