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The Baby Boomer Real Estate Marketing Niche


When it comes to a real estate marketing niche, there's a huge group of people out there with very common goals and concerns, the baby boomer generation. Whether they're going to be a buyer or seller client, or possibly both, there are characteristics of this real estate marketing niche that the real estate professional needs to know and cater to.

The boomer generation began to approach retirement in the early 2000s, and will be swelling the retirement rolls from 2005 through 2020. They're likely going to be wanting to down-size their housing, and maybe move to a new area they've always wanted to live, but couldn't due to previous employment or family obligations.

If they're to be a listing client, a major goal will be to garner the best price in order to roll the proceeds into a final home for retirement, often in a more resort or higher priced market. However, they'll want your honest feedback as to the best listing price in order to sell in a reasonable period of time. It's now time for them to enjoy life in a new retirement home, and they'll not want to put it off for very long.

This group also has probably bought and sold several homes in their past lives. They're not newbies, and they probably will not need the same level of support in the transaction that you'll find with younger buyers. However, they will have their own special needs and concerns, and you'll need to address them in order to retain them as clients through a closing.

First, they are likely considering this purchase the last home they'll buy. They will be very careful in considering every facet of this purchase decision. They may require you to show them homes they have no intention of buying just to make comparisons of value.

As this may be their last home, they'll also be less concerned with resale value, placing it down the list from lifestyle and convenience to activities and facilities necessary in their retirement years. Give them the necessary time and information to come to a comfort level with their decision, and you'll carry them through to a closing.

As a real estate marketing niche, the boomer generation can provide an excellent real estate career choice.

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