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Marketing for the Agent, Brokerage and Client Properties

Real estate marketing encompasses two major functions. Real estate agents and brokers market their business and they market the properties they've listed for their clients. Within these two areas there are a myriad of methods, media and budgeting considerations. Here we'll break down this huge subject into the basics and learn to market effectively in today's marketplace.
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Start Phone Marketing - Know the DNC Do Not Call Rules
The Federal Do-Not-Call Registry Rules are too important to treat lightly. Real Estate Agent Independent Contractor status won't protect the brokerage when phone marketing. Know and enforce the rules and develop procedures and agent training.

Start Your Real Estate Contact & Prospect Management - Get A Plan
One of the most important business tools of the real estate professional is their real estate contact & prospect management system. Proper planning will help to select the best system and set it up to help you manage your prospects, market them efficiently and take more of them to a commission.

A Profile of the Accredited Buyer Representative Designations - ABR and ABRM
A profile of the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) and Accredited Buyer Representative Manager (ABRM) Professional Designations for real estate agents and brokers.

Make That First Prospecting Phone Call, Learn the Rules
Call that prospect or FSBO without folowing the rules, and risk a huge fine. Violations of the Federal Do Not Call Rules are expensive. Real estate agents need to know and follow the rules and procedures to the letter.

Real Estate Farming in the Internet World
Real estate farming of neighborhoods has always been a very effective tool for success. However, in today's mobile and Internet world, we must adapt to achieve maximum success when farming neighborhoods. This series of articles is going to bring you new ideas and real estate farming tools for success. And, even more exciting, most of them are free or very low cost.

Defining Your Ideal Real Estate Customer or Client
With all of the discussion of Internet marketing through websites and blogging, a great deal of emphasis is placed on content, but how much of that content is right for your "ideal real estate customer?"

Real Estate Farming - The New Cultivation Tools
If you're still doing all of the same old refrigerator magnets and post card mailers, you're falling behind in the new world of real estate farming.

Where Is Your Real Estate Website in Your Marketing Plan & Budget?
Are you looking at your marketing budget and wondering if you're spending in the right areas? Real estate websites are still getting short-changed, even when the numbers show they are critical.

The Auction for Transfer of Real Estate - Real Estate Auctions
Real estate auctions have become more common in a slow market environment. Learn about real estate auctions, how they work, and the types of auctions.

Asking Real Estate Buyers What They Want and Like Yields Inte…
The huge Quality Improvement movement that's been going on in the U.S. makes one activity of the highest and first priority. A company surveys its current and past customers to find out what they like, what they want, and how they perceive the company's value in the provision of their products or services. Let's look at what actual home buyers tell us about our business.

Let Real Buyers Tell You Their Listing Hot Buttons
Learn what actual buyers say they want to see in your real estate listing ads. Give them what they want for better marketing results.

Your Value to the Real Estate Client is What They Say It Is
Do you know what you do for clients and prospects that they value the most? Do you really know? Don't push your ideas at them, pull them in with theirs.

Marketing You - Are You Featuring the Right Services?
No matter what media, do you know whether you're putting the right services out in your marketing? Actual buyers told NAR what they valued most from their Realtors. Pitch that.

Reality Check - With Real Estate Web Sites It's Not About You!
Hear from actual home buyers exactly what they value and want to find when they visit a real estate website. And 25-to-1 say it isn't about you!

Where Do We Need to Place Our Listing Advertising?
In which media do you advertise your listings? Do you know what actual buyers tell us are the places they actually first saw the homes they ultimately purchased?

What Clients Value in Real Estate Agent Skills & Qualities
Which of our qualities and skills do our clients value the most? This is a bit different from which services they value. Learn what they want most in personal qualities and job skills.

What's In a Real Estate Ad Title? - Your Future Income!
Writing a real estate ad for a home or other property is an art and a science. There are volumes written on good advertising copy. Too many real estate agents and brokers just don't do their sellers justice when it comes to writing ad headline text.

Writing the Best Web Real Estate Ads - The Title
Learn what it takes to make your next real estate ad more effective by starting with a title that draws in the prospect.

The Move-Up Buyer as a Profitable Real Estate Niche Market
If you haven't yet recognized the Move-Up buyer as a profitable and easy-to-market niche, take a look at the concept here now. You'll be glad that you did.

You Don’t Sell Real Estate – You Sell Yourself
Is what you do real estate sales, the selling of homes and land? Or is this a service business, and the sales part is selling yourself?

Status Field for Real Estate Prospect Management
Your real estate prospect management system needs a field to track the status of a prospect as regards how close they might be to a transaction. This helps you to plan activities with priority based on the status of the prospect.

Track Contact Source for Effective Real Estate Contact Management
Knowing where contacts and prospects come from is quite important for recording in your real estate contact management system. In the future, you can make much more intelligent marketing budget decisions if you know how you first gained your clients. Move marketing time and money to the prospect sources that work for you.

Real Estate Contact & Prospect Management
Real estate contact and prospect management is at the heart of building a successful real estate business. Keeping track of your many professional contacts is critical to smooth transactions, while prospect management keeps you in the minds of your prospects until and after a transaction.

Transitioning Your Mailed Newsletter Recipients to Web Delivery & Saving Money
Are you mailing periodic newsletters to your prospect and client base? How about one sentence in each newsletter that will gradually convert them over to an emailed version that will cost you less, speed delivery and guarantee the freshest content?

Do Not Use Your MLS System Software for Contact and Prospect Management
Many MLS software and online systems offer contact and prospect management as part of their package. There is nothing wrong with them, and it's nice to have the integration with the MLS. However, your business is then dependent on a product over which you have no control. Your board could decide to change systems at any time.

Niche Market Opportunities in Real Estate
Many highly successful real estate agents and brokers get that way by concentrating on one niche market and serving it well. Learn some of the best niche market opportunities here for real estate.

Success is About Repeat Business and Recommendations
Actual surveys of real estate buyers and sellers tell you how many would use their agent again or recommend them to others.

Ways to Market Your Listings to Other Agents
The Multiple Listing Service is by far the most prolific source of buyers for your listings. Since the MLS is made up of cooperating brokers and agents, you're really presenting your property listing to these agents and brokers.

Don't Forget the Purpose of Your Real Estate Business Card in the Design Process
Don't forget the purpose of your real estate agent business card when doing the design for a custom card. Though the world is going digital, there is still a use for business cards, and one of your most important design considerations should be how well it will convert to digital with a business card scanner. Don't get to graphic, but if you do use images, be sure to make the text clear and prominent.

Using Postcards to Build Business in Your Farming Area
A very popular method for farming an area in the real estate business is the regular mailing of postcards. With a properly maintained mailing list, regular mailings and follow-up, this method can be highly effective at building business in an area for the real estate agent.

Real Estate Business Trends Resource - The Swanepoel Report 2007
The 2007 Swanepoel Report of the Top 10 trends in real estate is out. As can be expected, most of the content is in some way related to the internet, the changes in the way agents and brokers need to market themselves and do business, as well as the changes that must come in the structure and MLS's. Web 2.0, listings as a commodity, local association change and other topics are analyzed in relation to the ways in which the internet is impacting the real estate industry.

Make That First Prospecting Phone Call, Learn the Rules
Call that prospect or FSBO without folowing the rules, and risk a huge fine. Violations of the Federal Do Not Call Rules are expensive.

Put Those Agents on the Phone!
The Federal Do-Not-Call Registry Rules are too important to treat lightly. Agent Independent Contractor status won't protect the brokerage. Know and enforce the rules.

A Look at Some Brokerage Business Models Before You Market
Before diving into the details of different marketing theories and media, a new broker might want to look at some business models. Tailor your marketing to your market and model.

4 Ways to Foster a Fast Sale in a Slow Market
Actually, the four marketing points mentioned in this article apply in any market. It isn't all just ads and internet. There are all kinds of ways to position your listing to facilitate a faster or higher-priced sale.

Protecting Your Real Estate Contact Management Data
Don't get caught in the trap of wanting or needing to change real estate contact management systems, only to find out that you cannot export all the information for transfer to the new system. Also do frequent text file exports to your hard drive just in case your online contact management service disappears.

Real Estate Contact Management - Contacts and Prospects
First, know the difference between contacts and prospects in real estate contact management systems. A contact is virtually anyone you know or do business with, such as appraisers, surveyors, etc. A prospect is someone you're hoping to represent in a real estate transaction.

Grouping Prospects for Successful Real Estate Prospect Management
Successful long term real estate prospect management will depend in part on how well you categorize your prospects by type. With proper grouping of prospects, you'll be more successful at targeted marketing and spend less money doing it.

Does listing always mean you make more money than working with buyers?
The "List to Last" pundits tell us that you will make a better hourly income for your efforts by listing rather than working with buyers. While this is true for many, it doesn't have to be.

Making Condominiums Your Real Estate Marketing Niche
Condos can be a really productive real estate niche marketing strategy. The characteristics of condominiums and condo ownership can make you an expert and leverage your time and effort. Learn how here.

The For Sale by Owner Real Estate Niche
As a real estate niche, working with FSBO sellers can be challenging, but it can also bring listings faster than other types of marketing.

The First Time Home Buyer Real Estate Marketing Niche
First time home buyers are an excellent real estate marketing niche. Providing what they want and need can make for an excellent and profitable real estate marketing niche and career.

The Baby Boomer Real Estate Marketing Niche
It's the decade of the retiring baby boomer, and this is a really nice real estate marketing niche for those who wish to work with this group. Learn more about it.

Working With Investors as a Real Estate Niche
Real estate investors can be a really lucrative real estate niche if you know what they require and meet their needs. The real estate investors...

Working with Vacation and Resort Home Buyers as a Real Estate Niche
The vacation or resort home buyer is one of the very best real estate niches if you live in an area with significant vacation home property...

Your Business Plan Could Be Built Around a Real Estate Niche Strategy
You can certainly be like many real estate professionals and be a "jack of all trades." The rest of that quote is "master of none." In some...

Making Luxury Homes Your Real Estate Niche
Making luxury homes your real estate niche certainly will raise your per transaction income. However, there are higher costs related to...

Your Business Plan Could Be Built Around a Real Estate Niche Strategy
You can certainly be like many real estate professionals and be a "jack of all trades." The rest of that quote is "master of none." In some areas, especially small rural locations, it may be necessary to spread your business focus to accommodate all types of properties and clients. However, if you are in an area where one or more of the...

UVP - What's Your Real Estate UVP Unique Value Proposition
How do you stand out in your marketing, especially on the Web where a prospect can compare you to others with a click? Is your real estate marketing boring, or just the same as that of most of your competition? You need a UVP or Unique Value Proposition.

Marketing to a Real Estate Niche That May be Going Away
While things were bad and not looking hugely better from 2008 into 2012, and it's a given that many real estate agents had to adapt to keep working, there is a danger in dedicating all resources to a niche that can evaporate quickly.

Are You Ready for Rapid Changes in Short Sale & Foreclosure Markets?
A lot of real estate professionals have survived the market problems after 2007 by adapting their business to BPOs, short sales and foreclosure representation. Don't wait too long to get back to the normal marketing, as change will come.

Foster the Entrepreneurial Agent's Business - Don't Create Dependents

Grammar Dysfunction Can Hurt Your Listings
However, it was nice to see this post over at Redfin.com about a survey done with Grammarly.com about home listings with grammar and spelling errors.

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