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Before You Make That First Prospecting Phone Call, Learn the Rules


You've passed your test, found a broker and you're sitting at a new desk with computer and telephone ready to go! Before you pick up that phone to make your first prospecting call, learn the Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry Rules or risk some serious fines.

Ask Your Broker for The Brokerage Do-Not-Call Procedures

Hopefully, your broker has a published Do-Not-Call procedures manual and some training to help you understand the rules thoroughly. If so, get that document, read it and adhere to the procedures. If not, take the warnings here to heart and do more research to protect yourself from fines as high as $11,000 per violation. The National Association of Realtors® has kept up with the DNC rules and has some guidance.

Know The Permitted Reasons for Calling that FSBO

Actually, it's more like one reason. If you have a client who has expressed an interest in a FSBO's property, NAR has stated that it should be permissable to call that FSBO and work with them on behalf of your client. Calling them to solicit the listing or making solicitation approached while representing your client could put you in violation.

Understand That a Referral Isn't Excepted from the Rules

A friend has a friend who's thinking of selling their home. Or perhaps a friendly mortgage broker gives you a name and number of a buyer prospect getting pre-qualified. These hot leads can get you burned! If those prospects are on the DNC registry and you call, you are in violation if you personally do not have a provable business relationship in the last 18 months or a provable inquiry from them to you in the last 90 days.

Your Open House Guest Book Better Get Calling Permission

An open house, or any other function that uses a guest book for sign-in, will usually ask for phone numbers. Though it's not clear if you'll get into trouble for not asking, have a check box with a notation like "It's OK to call me." next to the phone number. You don't want to become the test for enforcement.

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