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Real Estate Agent Advice - Find Out if a Real Estate Career is for You

Like any profession or calling, real estate isn't for everyone. Read about the benefits of a real estate career and also the pitfalls and challenges in order to see if being a real estate agent is for you.

Just What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?
Far from just driving buyers around or placing for sale signs in yards, the daily routine of a real estate agent involves a great many interactions with title companies, other agents, brokers, attorneys, home inspectors, appraisers and more. Then there's the marketing and paperwork activity to top it off.

Benefits of a Career as a Real Estate Agent
There are a lot of excellent reasons for choosing real estate as a career. Learn many of them here, and find out why others have chosen to become real estate agents.

Is Being a Real Estate Agent Right for You?
Some basic information that will help you to decide if you can succeed at being a real estate agent.

All About a Real Estate Career from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
For the basic nuts and bolts of a real estate agent career, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource. Check out their description of the job, prospects, compensation and more.

Go for That Real Estate Agent License, Know the Reasons for Failure
Don't become a new real estate agent failure statistic. Before jumping in, know the major reasons why agents fail in the business and how you can overcome the challenges to become a successful real estate agent. Making appropriate financial, planning, and marketing decisions is critical.

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