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The Internet Second Home or Vacation Home Buyer


One of the hottest niche markets on the Web is the second home or vacation home buyer niche. Baby Boomers are opting for second homes in record numbers. Find out how to serve then on the Internet until they're ready to buy.

The Time Line of an Internet Vacation or Second Home Buyer

The Internet allows both buyers and sellers to do extensive market research well before they would have before. This stretches the time from idea to purchase or sale. Find out more.

What the Second Home and Vacation Home Buyers Want from Your Web Site

Far from a place to billboard yourself, the real estate web site should be a trusted resource for local area information. Find out what the second home and vacation home buyers want to find when they visit your site.

The Friendly Way to Capture Contact Information

Building a great web site or blog, populating it with valuable and interesting information, and getting good search engine positioning doesn't guarantee success. You need to get to the next level with prospects, and that requires getting their contact information in a way that doesn't make them mad.

Staying "Top of Mind" With Vacation Home Buyers

With a longer time line till a deal, second home and vacation home buyers require special treatment to keep you on their team until they decide it's time to buy. Learn better ways than drip email to work these prospects.
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