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PPC - Target Marketing with Facebook Ads for Real Estate


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The Facebook Real Estate Ad Targeting Process - Step 2
Facebook Real Estate Ads Targeting Process

Facebook Real Estate Ads Targeting Process

Jim Kimmons
We've completed the first half of the Facebook real estate ad targeting process, but we can fine tune our ad presentation process even more. Here are the remaining selections available.

Relationship, Interested In & Languages

If the focus is on families, the relationship field could be important. Conversely, if single college students or young professionals buying lofts are the target, then this field might come in handy as well. I can't see any use for "Interested In" for our purposes. If other marketing you do is focused on prospects who speak a different language, then the Language field might be perfect.

Connections & Friends of Connections

As Facebook develops, these fields may provide great value. Even now, if there is a group out there with a lot of connections, and the group relates to the area and real estate, you might want to zero in on those connected and their friends. It might be great right now in a college town to connect to groups associated with the institution.

Our Target Prospect Group Number

Now, looking at the number at the bottom, we see that we've narrowed our prospect group to 545,660, those within 50 miles of Denver, and age 35 and over. If we go back up and change criteria, or add new ones, this number could get larger or smaller. It started at more than 350 million, so you can see the value in this targeting power.

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