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Google+ is changing Google Search, and there's more new value for real estate.


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Google+ Changes Google Search & There's More New for Real Estate
Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

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I've been working with Google+ since it was invite only the first week, and it seems like there are new surprises every week or so. Google is serious about integrating as many Google products as possible into Google+, and they're moving quickly.

However, starting into 2012, Google was really busy and in a very big way. Google+ has changed the way search results can be displayed. I'll show you here how that looks. But, there's more. I'm also going to show you a couple of other new things having to do with images and video.

I'll use as an example a Google Page I created about my local area, a tourist and ski area in the mountains. It's not promoting anything, nor my real estate business, as I have another Google Business Page for that purpose.

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