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Should you consider a real estate podcast for your local market?


Real Estate Podcasting

Real Estate Podcasting

Should you & what type of podcast for real estate?

Let's get past the "can you do it" question first. Unless your voice is so annoying that you hire someone to speak for you when you're working with buyers and sellers, then you can do a podcast. Sure, you may have a less-than-Hollywood type of voice, but it could hardly be a bigger problem than my Texas accent.

Then there's another decision to be made if you've decided to give podcasting a try; should it be audio or video? As close as a couple of years ago, audio would definitely have been the best choice. And, it probably still is from the perspective of your audience being able to listen while doing other things ... like driving. However, video has become mainstream and with today's cheaper Web data plans and cheap WiFi, video is also a good choice for a podcast. It's not a choice between service providers or hosts, but more of what you want to provide for content.

If most of your information will be local market statistics and news, audio will work quite well. However, if you want to take it up a notch and show images and video clips of local subdivisions or places to do things, shop or recreate, then video will be the choice. This is up to you, and many will probably opt for audio to start, as it's faster and easier, with video taking more software and production time and effort.

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