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Effective Real Estate PPC, Pay Per Click, Landing Pages

Is your home page the only destination for all of your PPC ads?


Real Estate Website Content & Landing Pages

Real Estate Website Content & Landing Pages

You've been doing some great SEO, and are on the first page of Google's search results for some productive key phrases for your real estate market. Or, perhaps you've been doing some PPC, Pay Per Click marketing, and you have some focused visitors arriving at your site precisely where you told Google Adwords to bring them. What do they find?

What they better find is what they expected, or you'll be seeing high "bounce rates," people leaving your site soon after they arrive, sometimes just seconds after they get there. And, don't fool yourself, even if what they want is there, if they don't see and recognize it with a quick scan of the page content, it's still likely to result in a bounce. So, here are some rules:

Real estate website content must be relevant to the search or ad that brought the visitor to the page - Hopefully, if SEO brought them there, this will be the case. You wouldn't normally expect a search for "your town condos for sale" to bring them to a page about septic systems.

However, a lot of money is wasted in real estate PPC, Pay Per Click, marketing because the ad is set up with a title like "Yourtown Real Estate Condo Resource," and they arrive at your home page. BOUNCE! Sure, somewhere on that home page you offer a link or button to take them to condo information, or to an IDX search page to find listings. But, few will look around for it on the page.

If you're going to do PPC marketing, create a specific landing page for every major keyword phrase you're using. Sure, that sounds like a big job, especially if you're taking PPC advice and trying to buy traffic for several hundred key phrases. However, in every market there are only a dozen or so keyword phrases that generate the vast majority of clicks from prospective buyers and sellers of real estate. Start with those.

Sure, doing an ad for the main phrase "Yourtown Real Estate" could bring them to your home page, as that's a pretty generic term, and you're not sure what the want when they use that phrase. However, it's a safe bet that they want to search listings, so make sure that this is the most prominent navigation button "above the fold" on your home page.

Otherwise, create a specific landing page for every ad you're running in Google Adwords. Let's use that "Yourtown Condominiums Resource" search. You've done your research with Google's Keyword Tool, and you know that people are searching on "Yourtown Condominiums," so you want to buy that click. However, taking them to your home page is a big mistake. Take them to a page titled "Yourtown Condominiums Resource," or something similar. Get the phrase into the title, and work it into the text of the page a few times.

The content of the page must be about condominiums in your market, how you specialize in them, and have great information about condos, as well as links to other content on your site that provides condominium buying and selling information. On the next page of this article, I'm going to tell you how to arrange and format the content to work for your visitor.

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