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Get Real Estate Website Leads With an eBook Offering

You already have everything you need, and it's free marketing.


real estate ebook

Real estate ebook

Another great offering on a website or blog that will entice your visitors to give you their contact information is an eBook. You pick up some credibility, as you're now an "author." That's even though it's just going to be in PDF format and delivered online. It's still a book that you've authored. It isn't as difficult as you might think.

First, open up your word processor, set up your title page, and then write an introduction about yourself and general real estate market information. A page or two is fine. After that, you'll be pulling together content from other sources, stuff you already have:

  • blog posts
  • material from your website
  • any print material you've written
  • the reports we've just talked about on the previous page

There's nothing wrong with recycling your content. After all, you're offering a service to your site visitor by pulling it all together into one document that they can download and read at their convenience. So, once you've pulled it together and formatted it, hopefully with a simple table of contents, what's next?

Hopefully, you have Adobe Acrobat or other software to print it to a PDF file. Then you get it uploaded to your website so that you have a URL to put in emails for the recipient to click and download the document. Then just offer it on your website. You get them to fill out a form with their name and email address, and they get immediate delivery of the eBook.

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