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Marketing for Real Estate With the Internet

Probably the most dramatic and important changes in the real estate industry have been brought about by the internet. Far from being resistant to it, real estate agents and brokers should embrace it. Find out here how to use the web to help your clients and your business.
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Using Twitter for Real Estate Listings - Marketing is Also Service
Twitter has grown so fast, and been adopted by so many real estate professionals, but the big question remains; what's its value as a real estate business generator. Here's how to use a Twitter account for each listing in a way that might bring you business.

Twitter Influence is Only Valuable if You're Influencing Buyers and Sellers
Debates rage over what constitutes "influence" on Twitter. Sites have scores and measures, and each has a methodology that has merit. But, if I want to sell real estate, my influence with my peers isn't valuable.

What's the Return On Investment of Time In Twitter for Real Estate?
When it comes to admitting its popularity, few would argue with the growth of Twitter. But there is a lot of argument about its value to a real estate professional. Get stats here.

Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Listings
A text message marketing service for your real estate listings.

Affordable Real Estate Listing Text Message Marketing
Text messaging is not going away; and people are driving by your listings right now, so learn here about an affordable service to text property details to them in front of the home.

For the Paranoid - Control Your Real Estate Internet Business Presence
Being paranoid isn't a problem if everybody really is out to get you. It's not intentional, but real estate websites should be under as much of their owners' control as possible.

A Tutorial on Using Twitter for Building Your Real Estate Business
Twitter has, in just over three years, become a huge network phenomenon. It grew more than 1287% in its third year alone, eclipsing the growth of Facebook. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other specialty forums and networks for real estate professionals, time we spend in managing them becomes very important. Get valuable tips and resources here for using Twitter to grow your business, but…

Twitter for Growing Your Real Estate Business
Twitter is growing so fast it's hard to track. And a great deal of that growth is use by businesses to communicate with and support their customers. It's also a great marketing tool, so learn here about how it can be used to grow your real estate business.

Using Hootsuite to Simplify Your Multiple Twitter Account Management
Real estate professionals are adopting Twitter quickly. Many have learned to have more than one account to keep personal things and business separated. Hootsuite helps with that and does a lot more.

Buying Back Your Own Real Estate Website Visitor from Mortgage Calculators
Are you getting good real estate website or blog traffic? Do you have a mortgage calculator for your site visitors? Do you know where it's taking them? You should.

GoGoPin.com for Free Real Estate Online Ad Design
I took GoGoPin for a quick spin to see how easy it makes creating a real estate ad. It really was pretty easy, free, and even let me send in an image from my camera phone.

The Breaking News Network - Community With Real Estate At The Center
The Domus Consulting Group has introduced a concept for using Twitter to create a community hub for breaking news, with the real estate professional at the center.

Twitterville - A Book About How Twitter Is Changing The Business World
Twitterville outlines the short but fast-developing history of Twitter, then gives great real world examples of both good and bad uses of Twitter in business. It can change the way you go to market.

Sending New Real Estate Listings to Twitter the Right Way
The general opinion is that tweeting new real estate listings to your Twitter account, Facebook or LinkedIn isn't a good idea. However, creating a separate Twitter account just for new listing alerts could work well for you.

Are Blast Email Listing Flyers SPAM?
What is your opinion on sending email listing flyers to all the members of the MLS?

Using Real Estate Email Flyers for Listings Marketing - Opt-in Is The Way
Though email is free and easy to do, it doesn't mean you should abuse your fellow practitioners with unsolicited email flyers for listings.

Stop Posting Your Real Estate Listings on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
There is considerable disagreement over this, but I do not believe you should be posting your listings on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as many gurus tell you to do it.

Real Estate & Social Networking - You're Not Selling There
It's a different environment when you're creating a presence on the social & business online networks. It's not about selling yourself, but more about helping others & being a good network citizen.

Though Still Going Strong - Real Estate Drip Email Should Probably Go Away
Real estate drip email is resulting in millions of emails a day, so the quantity certainly isn't dying. But, is it's ability to be an effective medium for working with real estate prospects and clients dying?

More Business From Thinking Longer Term for Vacation & Resort Real Estate
Are you throwing away future vacation & resort real estate brokerage business by thinking in the short term only? My last two best deals were people who visited for six years and shopped for three.

Getting Targeted Site Visitors by Contributing to Other Internet Sites
Though it's been done somewhat in print, radio and TV, reverse marketing is going to be much more valuable for real estate websites and blogs.

Real Estate Brokerages & Blogging Sites for Local Exposure
The trend of franchises to create huge national real estate search sites could be the wrong approach. Consider the franchise providing local sites on blogging platforms for their franchisees and their agents.

Social Networking for Real Estate - How Much is Too Much?
Between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, how much time do you invest in social networking for your real estate business? How much is too much? How can you leverage your time?

Tell Your Site Visitors Why Your IDX Is Better Than National Search Sites
Too many real estate brokers assume that visitors to their websites or blogs all understand that they are searching all local listings on the IDX search pages. They don't, so be sure you tell them.

We Network & We Engage - The Key Is To Merge The Two Tech-wise
Real estate brokers, since the very beginning, have been networkers. They join and network in their communities, as well as working with related businesses. They are also pretty good at engaging prospects and clients. Now bring it together in the new tech world.

Real Estate Video Is A Must For Your Web Presence
It isn't just about listing virtual tours. It's about area, neighborhood and business information. Video for real estate purposes should be high on your website plan list.

Google Personalized Search is Changing Real Estate Search Results
Learn how Google's Personalized Search is changing, and how it may influence your real estate website's traffic and page rankings.

Leveraging Internet Mapping for Real Estate Business
With consumers using their mobile devices more every day, there are ways in which the brokerage and the individual real estate professional can leverage Google mapping for gathering prospects.

A Picture is Worth...Your Listings, Photos and Virtual Tours
The NAR 2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers clearly indicates that images and virtual tours are important to home buyers. See the numbers here.

Real Estate Virtual Tours - Hollywood Style on a Shoestring Budget
This is a review of the online video production service at Animoto.com to show you how a real estate virtual tour can be produced inexpensively with interesting transitions and effects.

Using LinkedIn For Real Estate Networking
LinkedIn is a network, but more of a business network than the social platforms of Facebook and Myspace. It is a powerful networking tool for the real estate professional. LinkedIn for real estate will allow you to network globally, and that's how business is done in today's Internet world. Learn here how to set up your free LinkedIn profile and build a powerful network reach.

LinkedIn for Real Estate - Build Your Connections for Business
The value of your LinkedIn profile and involvement are the connections you'll make all around the world. These can be anyone from old classmates, past colleagues in other companies, and a great many new connections you'll make through LinkedIn.

The Importance of LinkedIn for the Real Estate Professional
Though many real estate professionals have set up profiles on MySpace and Facebook to communicate socially with consumers, there is a definite value to the more business-focus approach of LinkedIn.com.

YouTube Insight Will Tell You Where They're Viewing Your Videos
Google Analytics is really an amazing tool to track your site's traffic. However, if you're using video a lot, YouTube's Insight tool will also show you where those who watch your videos are from.

What Is The Future Of The Real Estate Podcast?
The real estate podcast is coming on strong for a variety of reasons. Find out how your own real estate podcast can help your marketing efforts.

Real Estate Listing Video With Animoto.com
You can use various different video production solutions, from free to expensive, for your video of your real estate listings. If you want to do flashy stills-to-video production, look at Animoto.com.

In Slow Markets Real Estate PPC Justs Gets Better
Real estate PPC in a tough market? While it is difficult to spend more money when you're making less, it actually is a better idea with PPC, pay-per-click.

Should You Sell Banner or Other Ads on Your Real Estate Website?
Should you sell banner advertising, or other advertising on your real estate website? It's up to you, but there is a better use of your time, effort, and good will.

Google Adwords and Adsense - The Difference for Real Estate Sites
Many real estate professionals confuse the two services, Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Learn the difference and why I only recommend one for real estate websites.

Real Estate Video - Quality and Exposure Go Hand-In-Hand
Different opinions are widely published about whether to use YouTube for real estate video, as its video quality isn't top notch. It's not a decision really, YouTube is important, but you can produce quality for your site as well.

Using Screencast.com for Real Estate Video Storage and Sharing
Real estate video isn't just home listings. It can include interviews with sellers or local business people, area sites, and neighborhood video to give viewers a better picture of subdivisions or areas. Using a service like screencast.com can help.

Entering a New Author User Into Our Real Estate WordPress Blog Site
In this tutorial, we'll enter a new user who will be a guest author. This example is our mortgage person. They won't be posting directly, rather emailing us their text. However, making them an author gives us the ability to group their posts and do other things they will like.

Using Web Bites to Build Your Internet Real Estate Presence
We've all heard about "sound bites," the short pieces of someone's speech taken out of the whole, and sometimes used to give an incorrect presentation of the whole. In today's marketing world, we need to use "web bites" to our advantage.

Going Viral With Your Listing Video Tours With Tubemogul
The Web is where it's at today for marketing ourselves and our listings. The great thing about it is that many of the services available are free or very inexpensive.

The Internet Second Home or Vacation Home Buyer
One of the hottest niche markets on the Web is the second home or vacation home buyer niche. Baby Boomers are opting for second homes in record numbers. Find out how to serve then on the Internet until they're ready to buy.

Communicating With the Second Home or Vacation Home Buyer
Once you've captured the contact information for a second home or vacation home buyer, learn how to communicate with them over the extended time period until a transaction.

The Blog-to-Newsletter Replacement for Drip Email
The quantity of garbage drip email sent out by real estate agents is staggering. It may be easy and cheap, but it isn't doing most of them any good at all. Learn how to do it right.

Blog or Web Site for Real Estate?
Though a blog and a web site have very different structures, it is possible to have both on one platform. You can integrate a blog into a web site, or in this case, build a site on a blog platform.

Real Estate Podcasting Basics to Get You Started
If you've got a yen to do real estate podcasting, it isn't a difficult or expensive thing to get started. Here are some instructions and free to low cost solutions to get you into podcasting very quickly. Learn about the basics, mechanics, software and hardware to do it right.

Recording a Phone Interview for Real Estate Podcasting
Real estate podcasting can involve interviewing people with whom you cannot set up a physical meeting. If so, you'll likely want to do a phone interview and record it. You can, of course buy any number of recorders for attachment to your regular phone, inform them and just do the recording. However, using Skype for VOIP, you can use an online recorder also.

Real Estate Podcasting in the Field
Once you've started podcasting, you might get hooked on it. It's fun and a great marketing tool to boot. But sitting at a computer with a headset is just the tip of the iceberg. Next you'll want to podcast remotely from events, meetings and other locations. Here's a piece of equipment and the how-to process to do it with style.

The Mechanics of Real Estate Podcasting for the Beginner
Real estate podcasting isn't as difficult as you might think. Most computers have microphone and player software pre-installed, and all you need is a good quality headset or microphone to record your voice. If you want music in your podcast or its intro/ending, you should have some audio editing software, but music isn't required.

Real Estate Podcasting - Taking Your Image to the Next Level
There is little doubt that this article is ahead of many real estate agent's technology curve. If you're not blogging yet, you need to look at that before you think of podcasting. If you're already blogging and have the time and inclination to put some audio out there about your area, your company and local real estate, this is a start.

Instead of Marketing Services - Try Service Marketing for Real Estate on the Web
The internet has turned the real estate industry on end. And it's no more evident than in the way real estate agents, brokers and brokerages market themselves on the web. Unfortunately, most still use the same old strategy of touting their knowledge, expertise, company resources or brand name in a PUSH the product at the consumer.

Don't Fear the Internet - Use it For Profit
Use the power of the internet to market your business, grow your client base, advertise your listings and run your real estate business better.

Quantcast Tells You All About Your Site Visitors
I use my WordPress statistics and Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting my site. I can even see where they are on a map. But, to see who they are as far as age, household income and education, I use Quantcast.

Ready-to-use Real Estate Website Forms & Display Code for Statistics
I have developed some free forms code in Zoho Creator, and it will allow you to take the code and embed it into your website or blog. I am adding forms all the time, but the first ones are a simple lead capture form to email, two views to place inventory statistics on your site, and one to place absorption rates on your site.

Displaying Absorption Rates with Zoho Creator Form and View
Using a simple form and some data from your MLS software, you can display absorption rates on your real estate website. You'll stand out as a valuable resource.

Using Multiple Twitter Accounts for Real Estate Marketing
As Twitter users struggle more every day to locate valuable information in a huge stream of tweets, it's becoming more important to develop a strategy for real estate marketing with Twitter multiple accounts.

Bring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn All to One Efficient Man…
With the majority of real estate professionals now participating on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, time to keep up with these networks and follow the information streams is becoming the issue. Learn how to bring them all to one screen with Hootsuite, post or follow all in one place.

Managing multiple Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn accounts on one screen.
What's a busy Realtor to do? We still have to do all of the things we've always done, including print and traditional marketing. But, if we opt in to this new online social and business networking trend, we will need to find the time to post relevant and interesting content of our own while culling through hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets, Facebook posts, Linkedin items and more every day.…

PPC - Target Marketing with Facebook Ads for Real Estate
Facebook ads for real estate aren't mainstream yet, but they could cause some real estate professionals to move a portion of their PPC, pay per click, budget to Facebook from Google Adwords. See how an ad is placed and highly targeted on Facebook.

Reporting and Prospect Followup with Facebook Real Estate Ads
Once a Facebook real estate ad is up and running, there are some great reports to help the real estate professional to determine how effective the ad is, as well as who is clicking on it in some cases. See example reports here.

Facebook PPC Ads for Real Estate Are Targeted & Can Put a Fac…
Facebook Ads, the PPC (Pay Per Click) variety, can bring you highly targeted website traffic, and can even put a face to a name in some cases. Facebook ads allow an image and reasonable text, and show up in the right sidebar when your targeted ad recipient is online in Facebook. And, targeting the right prospects is the name of the game. It cuts advertising costs and increases results. Lear…

The iPhone or iPad App To Bring Your Online Marketing Together
Though some real estate early adopters have commissioned iPhone/iPod applications, many have taken the form of what I call "billboards." Look at me type apps, with logos and mission statements aren't what the user wants, and they usually get rotten reviews. What do they want?

Twitter Marketing for the Real Estate Professional or Brokerage
This series of tutorial articles will give the real estate professional a clear picture of what Twitter is, how it fits into a real estate marketing plan, and how to use it effectively to actually build business. Real strategies for using multiple Twitter accounts are described, and how to spend less time getting more into and out of Twitter.

Using Appmii for a Real Estate Marketing App for iPhone, iPad…
There are services popping up to get real estate marketing apps up on iTunes. This is a profile of one that I've used, Appmii. Take a close look at what these app services are offering and how flexible the app is for you to customize and change to make it valuable for people interested in your area and real estate there.

Which Real Estate Marketing Methods Still Work and Why?
Why do some real estate professionals swear by old style postcard and direct mail marketing while others say it's dead and they get all their leads from the Web? Actually, there's a simple reason, and it has little to do with the advertising media.

Using Ning To Easily Create a Complete Real Estate Website, B…
Especially for the new real estate agent, or for any real estate professional who wants to create a complete Internet marketing system in just hours, Ning.com is the way to go. All in one package, you get blogs, forums, chat rooms, web pages, video, mass email and more.

Tell us about your experience with agent or broker advertisin…
Zillow.com offers advertising services to real estate agents and brokers. Please help other professionals by telling us about your experiences with any Zillow service. See submissions

What is the Realtor Property Resource, and do we need it?
RPR, Realtor Property Resource®, is a new site being built by NAR as a resource for Realtor members to have aggregated property information from multiple sources, including the MLS and public records. More than 140 million records will end up on this site. Do we need it?

Installing a WordPress Real Estate Website at Your Host
Using the right hosting provider makes it fast and easy to get a brand new WordPress site up and running. I'll use Hostgator here to show you how.

Considerations for Choosing a WordPress Theme
Though you can change your WordPress theme later, sometimes it brings some problems that require corrective action. So, try to settle on a them that's going to do what you need done in a stylish way. Learn what to consider in choosing a WordPress theme.

Using Forms and Drip Email for Effective Real Estate Website Lead Follow-up
Getting visitors to your real estate website is great, getting them to give up their contact information is better. However, using the right forms and email followup is required in order to convert your prospects to clients.

Do's and Don'ts for a Commercial Real Estate Agent's LinkedIn Profile
According to LinkedIn's data, employers are partial to specific types of information about potential job candidates. They're also turned off by one very bad habit many LinkedIn users continue to commit. Commercial real estate agents can use these tips to create a well-polished profile that could net them their next jobs.

The Why & How of a Ning Community Network for Real Estate
This is a step-by-step why and how tutorial for building a Ning network for your local real estate business. It isn't for everyone or every area, but if it fits, it can be an amazing marketing platform.

How Your IDX is Displayed Will Change Your Bounce Stats in Google Analytics
How your IDX search is displayed could have a dramatic effect on your "bounces" as reported by Google or other analytics services. See how here.

Google Plus Will Change Real Estate Marketing With Circles
While the geeks like me and some real estate professionals are all over Google + in its first three months since release, it's nothing compared to what will happen when Google releases us to create business profiles. Find out why it's going to be a game-changer for real estate.

How many Realtors have a website, or really better, how many bring business?
The National Association of Realtors just released their 2012 Member Profile with a lot of demographic data about real estate professionals. I want to concentrate on what I found interesting in the use of Web sites and the business they generated for the typical Realtor.

WordPress is the best solution for some, but not all real estate professionals.
WordPress is in my opinion the very best solution for a real estate website if the real estate professional wants total independence and control, and is willing to devote the time to develop a lead generation powerhouse.

Should you consider a real estate podcast for your local market?
Now that most real estate professionals have embraced the Web and social networks, and many are blogging, is podcasting the next popular local real estate marketing venue?

The Right Way to do Images on Your Site
Using legal royalty free images, photos and video for real estate sites.

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