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Planning Real Estate Income with the Funnel Approach


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Desired income and the funnel approach
Our task is to determine how much needs to be fed into the top of our funnel in the way of prospects in order to generate the desired number of transactions exiting the bottom of the funnel. This also requires an analysis of our activities and marketing in order to feed the required amount of prospects into the top of the funnel. Our task is complicated by the difference in quality of prospects based on how they are acquired or generated and where they are in the process. In other words, a prospect who calls us and requests to be shown properties is obviously more likely to come out the bottom of the funnel as a transaction than one who just visited our website and asked for information.

Then we also need to quantify an "average" transaction and commission amount for each transaction that exits the bottom of the funnel. This way we can come up with what we need to feed at the top in order to realize our income goals from what comes out the bottom.

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