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The Accredited Land Consultant Designation


The REALTORS® Land Institute:

The REALTORS Land Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, has been existence for more than sixty years. It's purpose is to bring together those engaging in activities related to the brokerage of land and to help them to improve their competence and professionalism.

To Become a Candidate:

Once one has joined the Institute and successfully completed one approved study course, they've become a candidate for the designation. Candidacy is maintained as long as Institute membership is kept current.

Knowledge Requirements:

Application for the designation requires successful completion of 120 credits of RLI-approved courses. 60 of these credits are satisfied by successful completion of the required courses. These are Land 101, Land Investment Analysis, and Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges.

Experience Requirements:

All candidates must document their involvement in either 1) $5,000,000 in sale, purchase or lease land transactions, or 2) a minimum of 25 separate land transactions, of which no more than 80% involve residential land sales.

In order to qualify, the transactions must have been completed within the immediate 5 years preceding the designation application.


The application fee is $350, and is submitted with the application and after the knowledge requirements are met.

Benefits of the ALC Designation:

The REALTORS® Land Institute believes that there are six strong reasons for membership and the designation. If you are regularly involved in land transactions, this designation will definitely set you apart from your competitors.

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