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Top 3 Commercial Real Estate Property Types - Niche Commercial Real Estate Types


Commercial real estate covers a diverse group of structure types and uses, as well as vacant land. Learn specifics about some of the most common ones here.

These categories are discussing the sale of "real property", the land and/or buildings. Though business owners frequently sell their business entity together with the real estate, the valuation of the business enterprise itself is not treated in this discussion.

1. Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate

Multi-family commercial real estate property types include duplex homes, and other construction for habitation by mulitple family groups. Condominiums are frequently called multi-family because of their construction as a group, but are normally listed and sold as single family residential units. Duplex homes are also frequently listed and sold as residential units to a buyer that lives in one side and rents out the other.

2. Retail Space Real Estate Properties

This category would include single buildings used as stores for clothing, electronics and other consumer products, as well as malls, strip centers and the like. Restaurant spaces are a specialty subset of the retail category, with some listings shown as restaurant/retail. Valuations can be based on size and land value, retail sales per square foot or other investment return calculations.

3. Office Buildings and Office Complexes

A single building designed for office use, or a group of offices in a single building or cluster of buildings would fall into this category. When offices are grouped in structures with single ownership, they are listed as commercial office rental property. The owner derives income from the rental payments of the office tenants. These can be valued based on the rental income return on investment, rather than methods using square footage and land value. Medical & Dental offices are a subset.

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