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Top 15 Essential Questions to Ask a New Client


There a million questions an agent could ask that can narrow the focus of a property search. However, before you delve into specifics about executive suites, truck circulation areas, lobby size or parking permits you’ll want to cover the fundamentals.

This includes taking an inventory of your client’s past, present and future to gain a sense of his current and long-term objectives in purchasing commercial real estate.

1. Have you owned commercial property before?

2. Have you ever worked with a commercial agent before?

3. Why do you want to become active in commercial real estate now?

4. What are your objectives in purchasing a property?

5. Do you want to buy or lease?

6. How long do you plan to occupy or lease the property?

7. What kind of ROI (return on investment) are you expecting?

8. What is your risk tolerance?

9. If you had to pick one, what’s more important, that the property produces income right away or that it appreciates over time?

10. What is your current cash flow?

11. How soon are you looking to buy?

12. Have you pre-qualified for a loan?

13. What is your budget?

14. What expectations do you have of me?

15. How often and by what medium (phone, fax, email, snail mail, etc.) would you want to be contacted?

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