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Is Starting As a Real Estate Assistant a Good Way to Begin Your Agent Career?


Starting as an Un-licensed Real Estate Assistant:

The fastest way into the real estate business can be as an un-licensed assistant to a successful real estate agent or broker. Benefits are normal hours and a salary or hourly wage.

As the duties you'll perform do not require a license, the requirements for this position are more general office type skills. Good computer skills, graphics design experience, people skills and some organizational abilities usually work fine.

State regulations usually limit what you can do. Click here for an example set of allowed duties.

An Assistant With a License Can Do More:

If you get your license but still want to ease into the business, a licensed real estate assistant gets a better wage due to the expanded duties they're allowed to perform. The agent or broker can be relieved of more tasks this way, and also not have to be present at open houses. You can handle many more questions from clients and prospects.

Click to see duties that you can perform that are prohibited to an un-licensed assistant.

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